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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 202: Careless

Florence was caught off guard and she almost crashed into the back of the person in front of her. “What’s wrong?” Florence was a little depressed and she walked around the person in front of her to go forward. After a few steps, she stared in surprise at the person in front. The person owned a height of around 190 centimetres. He was wearing a dark blue suit. He was walking elegantly towards them from the lounge. He had a mixed-race face, finely chiselled. His eyes were the colour of the azure sea, which made him looked extremely good-looking. He was very charismatic and handsome beyond words. It was the first time Florence saw him in person. She had only seen his picture in various newspapers and magazines, but she never thought that she would be able to meet him in person. “I’m not wrong, right? Is it Reynold? Am I dreaming? Is it really Reynold?” “Oh my God! I can’t believe I’ve seen Reynold in person! So, the great designer of Riverside City, who is our exchange partner this time, is Reynold?” All the designers were very excited. They all stared at Reynold in surprise. Their eyes were glued onto him. In this society, a social circle was like a small world. And in this small world, Reynold was the most dazzling and outstanding person. He was a legend and a myth in the hearts of all designers. His design works were the template, textbook and goal for countless people to study. What was more, Reynold was not only talented, but also has a good-looking face. His mixed-race of American, French and Chinese made him handsome like a prince coming out of a painting. He was the guy that could easily make every woman’s heart pound. His talent attracted people, and his good-looking appearance made people fall in love with him. Florence looked at him in daze. She too felt unbelievable. It was like a bag of gold had fallen from the sky. And it fell right in front of her. Reynold was her idol, her only idol! Erica was satisfied with the reaction of the group of people. She had been prepared for this. She walked up to Reynold and shook hands with him politely. “Mr. Myron, it’s an honour to meet you. I’m really flattered to have you coming out to greet us personally. ” Reynold’s status and fame were both high, but he did not look arrogant. That handsome face had a charming smile on it. His slender hand shook hands with Erica. “For the next period of time, we are all working partners. This is what I should do. ” Instantly, the crowd was not calm again. One woman looked at Reynold with more adoration

In the next second, her whole body fell towards Reynold’s body. Reynold reacted quickly and reached out to catch her steadily, but the distance between the two was so close all of a sudden that it looked almost like an embracing position. Feeling the man's unfamiliar breath, and the temperature of his palm, Florence panicked and hurriedly pushed him away

. “I’m, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it. ” She hurriedly apologized. Her cheeks were red. She felt so embarrassed. It was her first time meeting her idol and she did something so embarrassing, would Reynold dislike her? She would be so ashamed when she meet her idol again in the future. Florence was so embarrassed till she didn’t know what to do. Reynold looked at the red face of Florence, a thoughtful gleam shone under his eyes, and then he said with concern, “Are you okay? You just got hit. Have you sprained you ankle?”Florence was slightly flabbergasted and somewhat surprised. She was not expecting that Reynold did not mind her pouncing onto him but he also cared about her. Sure enough, he was an excellent gentleman. Florence shook her head with a red face, "I’m fine. "Only then did Reynold smile reassuringly, "That's good that if you’re okay, be careful in the future. "The man's gentlemanly appearance made Florence felt that he was indeed a good guy. He was indeed worthy to be her idol. His personality was so good. After the simple acquaintance of Florence and Reynold, there was no chance for her to speak too much to her idol. The other designers could not wait to approach him and introduce themselves. Reynold always had a smile on his face and he politely listened one by one. From the beginning to the end, he showed that he was a true gentleman. After a brief introduction, Reynold took everyone to check in. A small problem occurred when they were registering. The lady at the front desk said embarrassingly, “Sorry, the hotel had only reserved rooms for those who booked earlier. We are full this time, so there may not be any room available temporarily. ”There was no temporary extra room, which meant that there was no room for Florence. Erica frowned, "But we are a team together, and the work is also arranged in your hotel's conference room, we can't let a person go out alone to stay in another hotel. ""Sorry, I have no choice, there really is no extra room. "The receptionist lady was helpless and she showed an apologetic face. Florence saw this situation, and she also knew that the receptionist couldn’t do anything about it. After all, the hotel was booked long ago, but she was the one who joined suddenly. She then opened her mouth and said, "Erica, it's okay, I'll just stay in other hotels, there are also hotels nearby, I'll stay first, it's isn’t a big deal to walk back and forth. "“But…” Erica’s face was full of hesitations. She didn’t dare to allow Florence to live in another hotel all alone. If this matter was known by the CEO, about how bad they took care of the future president’s wife, they would all be fired from the job