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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 609: Caring about Her

Stanford’s fingers slightly pressed on Phoebe’s pulse on the wrist. Then he slowly moved away from his fingers. He gazed at Phoebe seriously and asked in a sinking tone, “What kind of life did you lead in the past weeks?” Phoebe was a bit surprised, wondering why suddenly he asked him so. Had she got a critical illness because of it? She felt quite depressed. Gritting her teeth, she answered, “What’s wrong with me? Just tell me directly. I can stand it. ” Phoebe had already experienced Florence’s death, Stanford’s hatred, and driving away by him. She believed that she was pretty strong now. What else couldn’t she stand now? Even if it were cancer. Stanford looked at Phoebe’s calm face, looking more annoyed. He snapped, “Phoebe, why don’t you care about your health at all? I know you can stand it. How about people around you?” Phoebe was startled. She wondered what he meant by people around her. Phoebe looked at Stanford in a daze. After a moment, she curled up her lips into a bitter smile. “If you kept it secret, people who care about me wouldn’t know it. ” Besides, she had been abroad alone in the past few weeks. People around her were all strangers. She was almost all by herself. Feeling annoyed and regretful, Stanford added, “If I kept it secret? Don’t you know that I also. ” Before finishing his words, Stanford choked up with the words that had reached the tip of his tongue. He wondered what he wanted to tell her. He felt extremely surprised himself. Did he also care about Phoebe? He denied it immediately. As a matter of fact, he came here to pick her up just for being responsible and making it up to her. He wasn’t close to her and they were not intimate at all. He kept reminding himself. However, for some reason, he felt as if a big stone was pressing on her heart. It was so heavy that he found it hard to breathe. Phoebe looked at Stanford in confusion. His expression was so complicated that she couldn’t tell what he was thinking. He also didn’t finish his words. She wondered what he meant. What did he mean by “I also”? Under Phoebe’s confused gaze, Stanford tightened his face uneasily. He said in a cold and stubborn tone, “Flory is my younger sister. I’ll never hide anything from her or lie to her because of you. ” He implied that he wouldn’t keep it secret. Blood drained from Phoebe’s face suddenly. Waves of bitterness and sadness surged in her heart

” Addison was shocked. They were still in the private jet. Although he had prepared a lot of food, drinks, and other supplies, he didn’t get a casserole or any tonics here

. Mr. Fraser was indeed making trouble out of nothing to give him such a request. Running out of his patience, Stanford snapped, “Why are you still here? Hurry up! Get out!”He was so furious. Addison couldn’t help trembling, a layer of cold sweat oozing on his forehead. Without any hesitation, he stood up and walked forward. He was afraid that Stanford would toss him off the private jet if he still hadn’t made a move. Addison was so confused as Mr. Fraser was way too moody. However, they were still on the private jet during a flight journey. He didn’t have any ingredients at all. He wondered how he could make the soup for Miss Jenkins. Did Mr. Fraser want him to make it out of thin air?Addison wanted to shed tears. His job had become more and more difficult. He wondered if he could resign. After scolding Addison, Stanford seemed to become happier. He turned around to look at Phoebe, but only to find that she had tilted her head to peer out of the window again. Her face was tightened, looking quite restrained and aloof. Even she was sitting opposite him, just within a half-step, it seemed that they were on the ends of the earth. The feeling irritated Stanford more. Looking more annoyed, he snapped in a cold tone, “Addison, you only have half an hour!”Upon hearing it, Addison shivered, looking pale. There was no ingredient on the jet at all. He hadn’t figured out how to cook the soup, but Mr. Fraser gave him a deadline. Half an hour?Addison would rather jump off the jet directly after half an hour. “You failed to coax Miss Jenkins, so you vent your anger on me. Too immoral!” Addison muttered in a grievance. His voice wasn’t loud. However, as soon as he finished speaking, Stanford’s threatening and cold voice was heard. “What did you say?”Addison shivered, cold sweat oozing. Immediately, he said, “I didn’t say anything. I’ll go prepare for the tonic soup right now!”After that, he didn’t dare to stay in the cabin any longer. He directly entered the control cabin.