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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 385: Catching up

The black Lamborghini stopped steadily next to the jet. When the door of the car opened, a polished leather shoe stepped on the ground first. Above it, Florence saw the straight long leg, the master of which was in a neatly tailored suit. He has wide shoulders and looked quite elegant, domineering. The outline of his chin was cold and resolute, and his features were exquisite. He was so handsome that he could make others remember him as soon as seeing his face. Florence gaped at the man who just got off the car. It was the fact that she could never forget all her life. Ernest! How could he chase after her to the airport? She wondered what on earth he wanted. Florence’s heart couldn’t help hammering as if the restless rabbit was about to pop out from her chest. Ernest got off the car and looked up. His sharp gaze fell on the small window of the jet, behind which was Florence’s face. Their eyes met. In an instant, it seemed that the time stopped. Florence even stopped her breath. She was so panicked that she didn’t know what to do. Immediately, she looked away to dodge his gaze. When she was looking away, her sight was fully blocked. Stanford was standing in front of Ernest, blocking Ernest’s gaze. From Florence’s angle, she could only see her brother’s back without seeing Ernest’s expression. Her heart jumped into her throat. She also seemed to feel relaxed as well as a bit disappointed. She wanted to do something but she couldn’t do anything in a panic. Right then, she didn’t know how to face Ernest, so she had to escape from him in such a hurry and an embarrassment. His sight was blocked. Ernest frowned slightly, looking deeply at the man in front. Stanford Fraser. As soon as Florence had gone away from City N, Ernest had found all information about this man. After he had gone back to the Turner family, he got more information about Stanford and read through all of them. Stanford looked like a gentleman on the surface but he was quite heartless and mean. This time, Ernest couldn’t find Florence at all, which was all because of Stanford. If it were someone else who had the guts to play tricks in this way, Ernest would have slaughtered him and cut him into pieces. However, Stanford was Florence’s biological brother, Ernest’s future brother-in-law. Ernest decided not to treat him rudely. “Hi, Mr. Fraser. I want to talk to Florence

Although he was asking a question, his attitude was quite determined. Stanford was choked by blood in anger, and he found it so hard to breathe now. Of course, he could tell that Florence wasn’t interested in the marriage with Benjamin

. Since Ernest was involved now, the possibility that she would marry Benjamin would be quite tiny. However, Stanford couldn’t bear to let Ernest keep being so arrogant and complacent. Since Ernest had the guts to hurt Florence and make her suffered for so long, how could Stanford be willing to make Ernest’s wish come true and give him an easy time?“The marriage for convenience wouldn’t be based on the willingness. The marriage between the Fraser and the Turner families was for sure. In my opinion, Benjamin is a good man. Flory will fall in love with him sooner or later. ”Stanford smiled ironically, “Hence, Mr. Hawkins, please don’t put your effort in vain any longer. Give up on Flory. ”“I will never give up on her,” Ernest answered firmly, stressing each syllable. He gazed at Stanford with his darkened eyes, in which there were unchangeable stubbornness and determination. Stanford frowned. “Although you won’t give up, the Fraser family won’t allow you to marry Flory. Just give up!”“If it were just a simple marriage for convenience, you wouldn’t have listened to Florence and leave Farnfoss City in such a hurry. In fact, you respect her willingness and thoughts,” Ernest said in a deep voice. When he mentioned Florence, his eyes became a bit tender. “Florence always longs for the marriage based on love. She only wants to marry someone she loves, so that she could be happy. I’m the only one who could provide her with such a marriage. ”Upon hearing his words, Stanford kept frowning. He knew how much Florence loved Ernest. Being with him, Florence would be no longer sad or upset, but Stanford didn’t believe that Ernest could give wholehearted happiness to Florence. For their engagement in City N, Ernest had used Florence, which was so unforgivable. Now, Ernest had come back to the Turner family. As the same as Benjamin, he also needed to marry Florence to consolidate his status in his family as well as his disease. “Ho, you are over-confident, Mr. Without you, Flory could still lead a happy life. ”Stanford’s tone was cold, emanating a cold aura as well. “I won’t allow you to meet Florence. You won’t have the possibility to get together again. Stop pestering her. Now, leave here! I can take nothing that has happened today. If you keep pestering, you can’t blame me for falling out with the Turner family!”Stanford’s words were cold, which was an absolute threat.