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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 508: Caught in the Rest Room

Florence blushed again, her depressed heart lightened. This man could only think of that? Dirty-minded. Florence pushed him away shyly, “Don’t you have to go? We don’t have much time, I’ll go get ready. ” She took a step but was pulled back by Ernest. He asked again while staring at her, “A step further, alright?” Florence was annoyed, why was he so stubborn when it came to this? And was it necessary to get a confirmed answer? She was a lady, she felt shy. Knowing Ernest won’t let her go if she didn’t answer, she answered with a light “Hmn” with her pulse racing and face blushing. Ernest’s eyes shone with happiness. He kissed her on the lips passionately and only let go after a good while and said, “Wait for me, Florence. ” … It was half-past nine in the night. Florence deliberately sent all the guards and maids on duty away. She called a car and rode on it along with Clarence. The car drove away from the house and went downhill. Another car followed discreetly from behind. A tall man sat on the passenger seat next to the driver and spoke to the earpiece. “Mr. Turner, Florence and Clarence departed home and we are tailing them. ” “Keep an eye on them, don’t lose them. ” Benjamin instructed, he sounded pleased. He had both ends covered. An examination from the Fraser and forcing from the Turner. Ernest's identity would definitely be exposed this time! And he could claim victory. Benjamin came out from his home, passed through a dimmed road and drove out of the Fraser’s house. He listened to the report by his men along the way. “Went to the bar?” Benjamin sped up, he smiled listening to his staff. “A bar is a crowded place, it’s easy to do the switching but regardless of how good Ernest’s plan was, he didn’t know that he is now walking into the trap I set

The man’s back was facing him with the woman in his arms. The light at the corner was dim, but Benjamin was able to recognize that that woman was Florence. She smiled so happily and blushed in the man’s arms

. He had never seen that smile before. Benjamin’s face stiffened. His heart was filled with anger out of a sudden. Florence was his fiancée but she was smiling delightfully in another man’s arms. She was supposed to be with him, she belonged to him. He would not allow anyone to touch his woman. “Monitor them closely. ” Benjamin sat down on a seat with dim light while enjoying a glass of alcohol. His stared was like an X-ray and had never once left Florence and Clarence. He would notice instantly if there was anything at all. If he was correct, the real Clarence was in the bar too, waiting for an opportunity to switch with Ernest. He would take action the moment Clarence appeared and had both of them captured! He had practiced repeatedly in his heart on how to defeat Ernest. Benjamin waited patiently and saw Clarence and Florence making a move!They stood up and headed to the washroom together. Benjamin put down his glass, stood up, went into the crowd and followed them. He smiled, so they planned to switch in the restroom! The fake Clarence entered and the real Clarence came out. No one would have noticed anything since they didn’t know what was happening. Brilliant. Benjamin mocked while instructed to his earpiece, “Focus on the washrooms, guard all the windows and block all the path a human could pass, let no one out!” He wanted to catch them red-handed. Ernest could never defend himself regardless of how smart he was when two Clarence appeared at the same time. Benjamin followed them discreetly, his sights had never once left Clarence. But it shocked him when he saw Clarence went into the female washroom together with Florence! How a man like him could go into a female washroom? Benjamin frowned in disgust; he guessed that the real Clarence was presently hiding in the female washroom. The switching was definitely going on right now