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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 441: Change in Attitude

Florence directly pointed out Benjamin’s hypocrisy. Stanford’s expression became more ferocious. He slowly raised his fist as if he would give a blow on Benjamin’s face at any time. How dare he to bear some evil intentions towards Florence? He was really seeking death! Benjamin’s expression changed dramatically. He hurriedly explained it, “Mr. Fraser, please trust me. I’m the young master of the Turner family and my identity and social status won’t allow me to do something ignoble and despicable. I don’t want to ruin the affiliation of the Turner family and the Fraser family. I have no reason to do that because I can’t get any benefit from it. ” Stanford, who originally wanted to give a hard blow on Benjamin’s face, suddenly paused when he heard the words. He stared at Benjamin with dangerous and complicated emotions in his eyes. He was the young master of the Fraser family after all and instinctively he was sensible to those interest relationships. He was very clear that the affiliation with the Fraser family was the most important thing for the Turner family. Reasonably, Benjamin would not be that silly to do that. But some people would just take the risk and he had to be cautious of such a possibility. This was also the reason why Stanford wanted to beat Benjamin just now. But Benjamin’s words also reminded him that no matter what happened, Benjamin was still the young master of the Turner family and he was here on behalf of the family. If he beat Benjamin just now, it would be deemed as a slap on the Turner family… This would definitely damage the intercourse and relationship of the two families. Florence also knew the interest relationships in this. If Stanford beat Benjamin just now, it might cause many troubles. She didn’t intend to bring any trouble to the Fraser family. After hesitating for a second, Florence got of the bed and pulled Stanford’s arm that was raised high in the air with a smile. “Stanford, don’t be angry. It’s unworthy to be angry because of someone insignificant. ” Stanford took two steps backward and naturally let go of Benjamin. Although Benjamin was free, he still looked gloomy. Florence said ‘It’s unworthy to be angry because of someone insignificant’ just now. Apparently, she was referring to him and was looking down at him. He was the young master of the Turner family, yet Florence showed no respect to him and even disdained him. Florence didn’t take a more glance at Benjamin anymore. She pulled Stanford to the bedside and pointed at the cards perched on the bed. “Stanford, let’s play cards, can we?” Stanford took a glance at the cards on the bed. He was not interested in this, but Florence pulled him to here and apparently she was trying to give him an excuse to give up beating Benjamin

He turned around and looked at Benjamin coldly. “Mr. Turner, it doesn’t matter even though you don’t know how to play this game

. Could it be that Florence touches your soft point and you are annoyed because you’re embarrassed?” He was not only annoyed; he also had an impulse to kill Florence. But Benjamin was now in the Fraser family and the young master of the family was also present. Although he was very furious in heart, he had to suppress it and swallow his anger. Looking at the annoying Clarence, Benjamin wore a fake smile and said, “Mr. Jenkins, what are you talking about? I know deep down that I’m not well-read, I will I be annoyed? Please enjoy your time. I may join you when I learn how to play this game. ”He kept down his voice and said politely. Clarence sneered, “Florence always has high requirements for the players of ‘Fight the Landlord’. She doesn’t like to play with rookies. Benjamin was lost for words. He barely tried to alleviate his embarrassment just now, but Clarence’s words embarrassed him more. Benjamin was angered and gritted his teeth. He blushed and felt that this was the most awkward moment in his life. He squeezed out some words from between his teeth, “Then I will not bother you, please enjoy your time, goodbye. ”After finishing the words, Benjamin strode towards the door as if he didn’t want to stay here for a single more second. His pace was so quick and his anger was so obvious. Florence felt very happy when seeing that Benjamin had to leave after being embarrassed because she had been disgusted by Benjamin’s hypocrisy for a long period of time. She lifted her hand and gave a thumps-up to Clarence, “You really have a sharp tone. Good job. ”“Oh you flatter me. You have a sharp tone too. ”Clarence looked at Florence lovingly with a smile. Stanford, who sat on the bed, looked gloomy. He shifted his gaze from Florence and Clarence alternatively. He also noticed Benjamin’s ferocious stare at Florence, but before he could reproach him, he saw Clarence protect Florence behind him. Moreover, he retorted Benjamin with a sharp tone, which embarrassed him and forced him to leave awkwardly. Stanford appreciated Clarence’s reaction. But what moved Stanford was that Clarence protected Florence behind him without hesitation. His impression of Clarence was improved. This man didn’t look as annoying as he was before