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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 336: Choosing Either Option

Florence felt complicated. She hadn’t recovered from her disappointment in love, and she suddenly had an older brother, both of which caught her unprepared. However, it also approved what Georgia had said in Ernest’s ward . just because she was the missing daughter of the Fraser family, Stanford’s younger sister, she was chosen by the Hawkins family. From the beginning, the whole thing was a lie and use of her. Florence couldn’t feel as breaking down as she did when running out of the hospital the other day, but she couldn’t pull herself together. She felt depressed as if there was always a dark cloud above her. It was an uneasy thing for her to smile in the relaxing mode. Florence was expressionless. Pressing her lips, she lifted the quilt and was about to get off from the bed. Before her feet touched the floor, Stanford’s tall and strong figure approached. He reached out and held her in his arms as if he would carry her in his arms the next second. “You are not getting well yet. Where are you going? What are you going to do? I’ll take you there. ” The man’s scent was quite pleasant, and he smelt graceful and intimate. However, for Florence, it was extremely strange. Feeling uneasy, she pushed him away a bit. “I can do it myself. ” As she spoke, Florence got off from the bed herself. Seemingly she was on fever. Her body was weakened, and she felt quite fragile while walking. She still gritted her teeth, moving towards the bathroom step by step. Stanford stood motionlessly, looking at Florence’s stubborn back with a frown. He heaved a sigh helplessly. His sister was still distant from him, unwilling to let him get closer to her. After tidying herself up in the bathroom, Florence came out of the bathroom and saw Stanford waiting for her on the sofa. He was in casual clothes, looking quite leisurely, but his noble aura couldn’t be hidden at all. He had a temperament like a prince that was born with. No matter how casually he behaved, he couldn’t hide it at all. Florence couldn’t help but wonder what kind of person Stanford was usually. Was he always the gentle and kind man like he was now? “Here you came. ” Stanford saw Florence, standing up with a smile. Walking to her and looking at her still-wet hair, he frowned slightly. “May I help you dry your hair?” Florence subconsciously refused. “No, thanks. I’ll let it dry naturally. ” “I don’t think it’s a good idea. You haven’t recovered yet, and you can’t get a cold now. ” Stanford’s tone was quite gentle but his attitude was overbearing. He added, “If you aren’t used to it, I can ask a hairdresser to help you. ” It was just to dry her hair

For a long period, she had to stay in Ernest’s villa. Although Stanford appreciated Ernest to have taken her in, he was also annoyed. If it weren’t during that period they stayed together alone, Florence wouldn’t have fallen in love with Ernest

. In that case, she wouldn’t feel so suffered because of her disappointment in love. Hence, Stanford believed that it was all Ernest’s fault. He disdained Ernest again inwardly and decide to distance Florence from Ernest from now on. He wouldn’t let Florence marry that man. Stanford decided to take Florence back to Europe and protect her well. She would lead a life like a real princess and marry a man who loved her truly. Florence was touched. She still couldn’t get used to Stanford’s care because he showed up all of a sudden. Although they were related in blood, a few hours ago, he was just an unknown man to her. After Florence put on the clothes, she was taken downstairs for breakfast. There was an independent dining room, just like the Hawkins' Mansion. The dining room looked so magnificent and luxurious as if the money notes were laid on the floor as the tiles. On the long European-styled dining table, there were bouquets and white candles. Several maids were standing aside as if they were just pleasant to the eyes, but they also served breakfast from time to time. Florence was a bit stunned, wondering if they usually had meals in this way. Collin had been sitting at the table already. Seeing Florence, he waved at her friendly. “Flory, come to sit by me. ”As he spoke, he patted the chair next to him. Opposite, Stanford’s face fell. Casting a cold glance at Collin, he stood up and walked to Florence. “Flory, come to sit next to me. ”As he spoke, he pulled Flory’s hand, leading her to the chair next to his. His big hand with distinct joints was a bit cold. The strange feeling stimulated Florence’s skin, making her quite uneasy. She subconsciously withdrew her hand immediately. Stanford was a bit taken aback, looking hurt. Florence looked away. “Any seat will do for me. ’Lowering her head, she walked over to the dining table and picked up a chair at random to sit down. She was distant away from Collin as well as Sanford’s chair. Collin laughed and said jokingly, “Ha-ha-ha, Stanford, Flory doesn’t want to sit with you. Florence blushed in an instant. She was just not used to it. Before she could explain, the tall and big shadow of the man fell on the chair next to her. Sitting next to Florence, Stanford said naturally, “I can sit next to her then. Flory could do whatever she wanted. ”