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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 300: City-wide Notice

“All of them? Right now?” Alfred gaped, looking as if he was in a dilemma. “Well. all those commercials were reserved by all sponsors in advance, and a lot of interests are involved. Besides, it’s quite troublesome to change all of them so suddenly. How about giving us some time to talk to them?” Time? What Florence lacked the most was time. She hadn’t been out of the hospital for a long time, wondering how Ernest was doing now. “I don’t have time to wait at all. You must replace them right now,” said Florence anxiously. She pulled out a check from her pocket and handed it to Alfred. “This is the deposit for you. After it’s done, I promise you that the Hawkins family can meet one request from your TV station. ” A request to the Hawkins family? It was such a precious thing in City N. Alfred immediately changed his mind. He looked down and saw that it was a ten-million check in his hands. And the signature was from Ernest. If it was Florence’s signature, although she was Ernest’s fiancée, Alfred would still doubt if she could make the promise on the behalf of the Hawkins family. However, he had seen the check with Ernest’s signature. That meant Florence was doing it on behalf of Ernest. Ernest was the CEO of the Hawkins Group, and he was also in charge of the Hawkins family. Whatever he said would be on the half of the whole family. Alfred immediately hesitated no more. With a smile, he said, “Okay. Ms. Fraser, no matter how much we would have to pay, I’ll make it done for you right now. Who are you looking for? What’s the content of your notice? Please come upstairs with me. We’ll change the commercials right now. ” Florence breathed a sigh of relief when hearing it. Instead of going up, she immediately grabbed a pen and a piece of paper and wrote the notice on it. “I want you to replace the commercials with this notice, including all the audio equipment. They must broadcast this notice continuously. I must find him. ASAP!” Alfred took a glance at the notice. It was quite simple: “Collin Campbell, bad news! Please come to the First Hospital of City N. Florence Fraser is waiting for you there!” It would only take them a few seconds to post the notice to replace other commercials. Immediately, Alfred patted his chest and made a promise. “Ms. Fraser, please rest assured. I’ll make it done right away. ” “You must make it done well. It’s about life and death

All the companies in City N from different businesses immediately worked hard to make the contribution. Later, there were several waist-drum teams on the street. They were playing drums and singing at the beat: “Collin Campbell, bad news! Please come to the First Hospital of City N

. Florence Fraser is waiting for you there!” In less than twenty minutes, the news that Florence was looking for Collin had been spread to all the streets and lanes in town. Everyone knew about it. The driver sent Florence to the entrance of the hospital at a speed that she had almost puked. She pressed a large number of money notes into the driver’s hands. Then she got off. She quickly trotted to the entrance of the hospital, looking around. A group of onlookers approached her, but she didn’t Collin. He hadn’t shown up yet. Florence couldn’t help being disappointed and panicked. She didn’t know how Ernest was doing now, just wishing that Collin could make it. Probably, it would take him a few minutes to get here after he had seen the notice. Or, probably he had gone too far, so it would take him a long time to come over. Hence, most probably, he was on the way rushing to the hospital. Florence inhaled, again and again, kept convincing herself. In the crowd, one of the onlookers recognized Florence. “Florence Fraser is here. It’s really her. ”“Yeah! That’s her. She spent such a big effort looking for that person. Did something happen?“Who the hell was that Collin Campbell? Why did she spend so much effort to look for him?”“I don’t know. Florence seemed to rush here anxiously. I had a hunch that something would happen to City N. The onlookers were discussing with each other, all were watching the fun. The entrance of the hospital had become more and more lively. Florence kept hearing the buzz because of the noises. She almost fainted because of lacking oxygen caused by the strenuous exercise for a long period. Gritting her teeth, she tried to stand in difficulty, mentally supporting herself. She must wait to see Collin show up. Otherwise, Ernest would be dead. With the persistent face, Florence tightened her body stubbornly. She stood as upright as a surveyor's pole. Her face became paler and paler, and the red and swollen marks on her face becoming more and more obvious. All others could tell that she was in an extremely terrible status. Someone felt sorry for her, asking with concern, “Ms. Fraser, what happened to you? Are you not feeling very well? You look so pale. You are in front of a hospital now. Why don’t you go to see a doctor first? It seemed that the person named Collin Campbell couldn’t arrive in such a short time