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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 575: Clarence’s Arrangement

What to do? Clarence had not returned yet now. With her being alone there to guard Ernest, she was weak and there was totally no way for her to fight with these men. She could not just sit there and wait for death. Florence looked at the door nervously and then turned around to hurriedly run into the bedroom. She closed the door. When Clarence left, he said that if there was a life-threatening and urgent situation, they could escape through the small hidden door behind the closet. She walked to the bedside and looked at Ernest with a complicated expression. He was very weak now and it was best not to move his body. He should stay immobile to recuperate. But… “Ernest, can you hear what I’m saying? No matter what, you must hold up, we have to go now. ” Florence lowered her voice and said in a deep tone. With the current situation, they absolutely could not be caught by Benjamin. Otherwise, with Ernest’s current situation, he was bound to die. If she took Ernest to escape, there might be a chance to survive. “Bang, bang, bang!” The sounds of smashing the door outside were getting louder and louder. Florence was running out of time so she did not dare to delay anymore. She immediately picked up the medicine as fast as she could and then sat on her knees beside the bed. She pulled his arm and carefully helped him up. Although she did it as carefully as possible, when Ernest’s body was moved, his wound was affected. His blood had soaked the gauze. When Florence saw the redness that spread in front of her, her eyes suddenly feel bad and uncomfortable. Her fingers were shaking slightly. “Kick the door!” At the door, as the men did not see the door being opened after knocking continuously, they could not stand it and started using brutal force. The iron door was already in disrepair and very old. With only one kick, they already made the iron door produce the sound as if it was going to collapse. Not surprisingly, it was opened after being kicked two to three times. Cold perspiration emerged on Florence’s forehead. She gritted her teeth and helped Ernest up with great difficulty. He was tall, heavy and was without any consciousness now. His entire body weight was pressed on Florence’s body. Florence’s calves were shaking uncontrollably. She could barely hold him up. She gritted her teeth tightly and with her willpower, she managed to not fall. She held Ernest and moved forward with great difficulty. At the same time, a loud ‘bang’ sounded. The room door was kicked open from the outside. The men came in recklessly

Florence’s entire body felt cold and it stiffened. Ernest’s fingers trembled. The two of them were attached and when they were about to hit the ground, a person suddenly rushed out of the emergency door next to them and supported Florence from behind

. He said in a low voice, “Oh, fortunately I came in time. Otherwise, it would have been a big problem. ”Florence’s body was stabilized. Shocked, she immediately looked towards Ernest. He was being embraced tightly by her. It was just that his body was leaning against her and it was not hurt. She then breathed a sigh of relief. She hurriedly stood firm and held Ernest. Then, she saw that the person who supported her also immediately stood on the other side and held Ernest. Florence’s eyes flickered and she said, “Thank you for what you did just now. ”She and Ernest almost fell miserably. The man’s clothes were tattered but were still clean. He looked upstairs with a serious expression and said. “Ms. Fraser, there is no time to talk so much, hurry up and come with me. ”He knew her?It seemed that he was here to help her. Florence thought of Clarence’s relationship with the tramp previously. She instantly understood that this person should also be a tramp and perhaps he was arranged by Clarence to stay in the surroundings to offer help to them based on the situation. Florence immediately nodded, “Okay. ”She and the tramp held Ernest’s arm on each side and the speed became very much faster. They carried Ernest towards the stairs and walked down. While walking, the tramp said. “Clarence asked me to stay in the surrounding so that if there is an accident, I can come to help you. I know a hidden path, we can use the shortcut to leave here, you just need to follow me. ”It was true that he was asked by Clarence to come here. Florence appreciated inwardly and she was much relieved. Someone familiar with the road was helping them. She had a much better chance to escape from here. As long as they were not caught, there was still a chance. The tramp was called Rodgers. He was very familiar with the terrain here. After reaching the first floor, he took Florence to another corridor and they twisted and turned, making the sounds of footsteps that were chasing after them lower and lower