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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 634: Co-exist

Collin could see through Theodore’s loving and eager look with a glimpse, realizing what he was scheming about. Not to mention that Collin hadn’t found any possible solutions, even if he had, he wouldn’t tell the Turners so easily. It was such a good way to restrict the Turner family. How would he let the Fraser family lose so easily? He answered ironically, “There are no other ways certainly. ” The exciting and expectant lights in Theodore’s eyes immediately were dimmed. He got the negative answer. That meant the Turners would still be enslaved to the Frasers. They would have to follow the same old ways that they had been taking for several centuries. No matter if they were willing or unwilling, truly or falsely, the first rule of the Tuner family would still be getting along well with the Fraser family. Managing to suppress the disappointment in his heart after a long while, Theodore asked in a deep voice, “Then, Mr. Campbell, what’s the method that you mentioned to save Ernest?” Florence, who was still in the daze because of Ernest’s wild kiss, sensitively heard this question. That was what she cared about the most right now. Ernest didn’t need to die, but how on earth could he be cured? Her reason instantly came back and she sobered up. She took a few steps back, separating her lips from Ernest’s. The sweet and soft lips suddenly vanished, making Ernest frown in unhappiness. He gazed at Florence with disappointment, expressing how much he was dissatisfied. Under his fiery gaze, Florence was flustered. With a blushed face, she said in a weak tone, “Let’s listen to them first. I want to hear Collin’s answer. ” Ernest’s eyes were still deep, darkened, and unsatisfied. His big hands rubbed on Florence’s waist. Approaching her, he whispered in a hoarse voice, “Shall we continue later?” ‘Continue?’ the word was reechoed in Florence’s mind. She blushed more, make her face so reddish and burning that even an egg could be cooked on it. Since just now when Collin said that Ernest still could be cured, Ernest’s temperament had been changed. He didn’t restrain himself or feel depressed anymore. Instead, he had totally released everything, making him a beast. He didn’t care about anything but just want to swallow her alive right here right now. Florence’s heart fluctuated. Her eyes twinkled. She wanted to dodge from him, but as soon as she moved, the hands wrapped around her waist were tightened. His handsome face approached her again. It seemed that he wanted to continue the kiss that was disturbed by her just now. Florence stiffed in fear. She blurted out immediately, “Okay. We’ll continue later

However, because of the effect of his genetic diastase, his body that had been damaged to the extreme state of the situation now had a ray of life. “His genetic disease could be restrained and eased. During this period, if we’ve found all necessary medicines and I’ll give him the medical treatment, Ernest’s health will return to normal for a short period temporarily

. “Within in this period, he can make Florence pregnant. ” Hence, they would have their child’s umbilical cord blood (UCB). The UCB would be the last medicine. After using it, the false balance between the drug effect and his genetic disease would be broken. He would return to normal for real. Florence was overjoyed. All she could see was the bright hope for the future. She couldn’t wait to ask, “How will you ease his genetic disease as the first step? Where are those medicines?”Collin’s eyes slightly twinkled. That was a complicated question. He looked at Florence and hesitated for a moment. Then he said awkwardly, “I’ll tell you how to ease it later. As for the medicines, I need three special herbs, which are mandatory for the treatment. I only roughly know where they are, and. ”Collin paused a bit before continuing slowly, “They are difficult to find. ”Since Collin said it was difficult, Florence believed that it wouldn’t be easy to obtain them. Florence frowned, “How difficult?”Collin answered solemnly, “Those three herbs are all priceless in this world. For some of them, the location of where they are growing is unknown. For some of them, other powerful families are worshiping them as treasures. ”Each of the herbs was a thing hard to find in this world. Otherwise, upon Collin’s medical skills, he would have found those treasures long ago for medical researches. Florence’s eyes twinkled. She realized that it must be extremely difficult to find those herbs. Looking at Ernest, she said determinedly, “Ernest, no matter how hard it would be, I’ll accompany you to find them back. ”Even if they were valuable treasures of other families, she would exchange them back at all cost. Collin pressed his lips and continued, “If you are determined to find them, I can give you a plan later. It’ll be easier for you to find them according to my plan. ”Although Ernest was curable, the medicine was way too valuable and hard to obtain. Even if the Fraser family would send people to find them, as long as Ernest wanted to survive, he must look for them in person. It would improve the possibility of success.