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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 466: Coincidence

Collin took a look at Florence, his expression was serious, and he slowly opened his mouth. “She is indeed allergic, but it’s not purely because of eating those shrimps. It’s because someone added refined high-purity shrimp powder into the dishes. Flory had eaten quite many shrimps, added together with the shrimp powder, this resulted in her consuming high concentration of it. Her body couldn’t withstand it, that’s why she had this reaction. ” For this type of acute toxic allergy, if they hadn’t treated her in time, she would have died from it. The Fraser family’s kitchen would definitely not have added this substance into their food. What’s more, no one in the Fraser family was allergic to any substance. On the whole table, the only person that was allergic was… Collin’s deep gaze turned to Ernest. Ernest’s handsome face was dark and gloomy, his whole person gave off a terrifying hostility, his fingers were clenched, so tightly clenched that it gave off knocking sounds. His every word seemed like they were coming from his gritted teeth. “It’s someone wanting to harm me. ” But had accidentally let Florence consumed the shrimp powder, resulting in her over-consumption. Collin pursed his lips, not saying anything. This was the truth. Over-consumption of this type of shrimp powder, even ordinary people who had no allergies would have an allergic reaction. But if someone who was allergic to shrimps had eaten it, he would die from it, and the cause of death would simply be determined as accidental consumption of shrimp. This was a secretive plan to hurt someone, and the intention was insidious. Ernest’s face was looking terrible. At tonight’s dinner, Florence was busy with eating her shrimps, and because she was sitting close to him, she had drunk from his soup bowl, and this was the only food she had eaten that belonged to him. Perhaps the shrimp powder was in that bowl of soup! “Regardless of who it is, I want him or her to pay back double the price!” Ernest’s said with a dark tone, his whole body exuded an aura that would let people be fearful of him. Collin was slightly surprised, he was shocked to see on Ernest an aura not only that of City N’s wealthy young master. He pursed his lips and sized up Ernest, was he really just City N’s Clarence? This man was definitely not as simple as he seemed. Thinking in his heart but not showing it on his face, Collin opened his mouth to speak, “Mr. Jenkins, your status is special, plus you are involved in the matter, I think it’s better if you pretend you don’t know anything about this matter. I’ll take care of it and investigate this matter secretly, so that we don’t alert anyone, this would be more convenient

When she saw his handsome but unfamiliar face, she felt momentarily lost, and on reflex she flung away his hand. Her eyes were flickering restlessly, “Where is Ernest, Ernest…” It was as if she hadn’t woken up from her nightmare, her eyes were red, as if she was about to fall back into her nightmare. Ernest frowned with heartache, and comforted her, “Florence, look clearly, it’s me

. ”Florence looked at the unfamiliar face in front of her, in her empty brain started surfacing the memories from this period. The person in front of her who had Clarence’s face, was indeed her Ernest. Then only her heart that had been fluttering in anxiety started to calm down. “Ernest, I thought you weren’t going to be here anymore…”She choked on her words, and fell into his arms. Ernest’s expression was soft, when he was just about to catch her in his arms, he heard something, and his expression changed suddenly. He stood up immediately to avoid Florence. He looked down at her from on top, his face solemn and upset. “Florence, are you still thinking about Ernest?”Florence was frozen still by his shout, her face was stunned. Wasn’t he Ernest, why was he questioning her like this? What’s more his face looked immensely unhappy. Could it be that she hadn’t woken up from her dreams?Florence was confused, just when she was about to open her mouth to ask him, she saw Ernest turned slightly, and stood slightly to the side. Her gaze turned to see Stanford standing at the doorway. She was shocked, and a sudden pang of anxiety hit her, when did Stanford arrive?How much had he heard?She was extremely flustered, thinking of how to save the situation. Her weak voice said, “Cousin, I didn’t mean that, I actually… actually…”Florence stuttered, but couldn’t make sense of her words. She wanted to explain, but she couldn’t manage to say anything about having forgotten Ernest. In her state of anxiousness, she didn’t know how to complete the story. Ernest looked at her awkward face, his heart softened and he felt a pang of pity for her. If it wasn’t for him, Florence wouldn’t be laying here, and wouldn’t have had to lie to cover up who she loved. “Cough, cough. ”Stanford who was standing by the doorway couldn’t continue looking at this situation, and he couldn’t bear to see his own sister so awkward. He walked in, and cut off the topic. He looked at Florence with gentle eyes, “Flory, how do you feel, does anywhere still hurt?”