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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 241: Coincidentally or Intentionally

Ernest didn’t speak again. Then Florence heard a chair was put gently opposite her. After that, Ernest sat opposite and put two books in his hands on the desk. His knuckled fingers picked up one and turned to the page where he market. Then, he said, “I’m a bit tired to stand there, so I decided to sit down. I hope you don’t mind. ” Florence was choked. Since he already said so, of course, she couldn’t tell him that she minded. “Never mind,” she had to answer, squeezing the words gently. Silence blanketed the mini-library again. Only the sound when the man was turning pages could be heart. Obviously, he was reading quite seriously. However, Florence felt quite embarrassed. Her mind was all in a mess and she couldn’t help being absent-minded. Upon realizing it, she felt quite ashamed. It was indeed embarrassing. Since he pretended that nothing had happened and completely ignored her, why would she keep thinking about him? Florence inwardly comforted her. Then she raised her head to read. However, as soon as she looked up, she saw Ernest opposite -- he lowered his head, reading the book. The sunshine fell on his face, making him look peaceful and handsome. It was indeed a peaceful and beautiful afternoon. She was attracted. Florence’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. A strange feeling suddenly surged in her body as if she was touched mentally. She was so flustered. Gritting her teeth, she immediately looked away. This man was just a tempter, and she couldn’t look at him at all. She was about to get a book and read it. Accidentally, she found the other book in front of Ernest was the one that she wanted to choose but gave up just now. She hadn’t expected that he would bring it here. Was it coincident? It was an important book for Florence. If she could read the three books together, she could get twofold results with half the effort. But that book was next to Ernest. She felt depressed, but she decided to endure it. Florence pretended to be calm. Inhaling deeply, she deliberately ignored Ernest, lowered her head, and started to read. She tried so hard and finally calmed herself down. She focused on reading. Shortly, she was fully attracted by the content in the books. She couldn’t read those books usually, in which the content was so useful and abundant that she couldn’t stop at all. However, nobody explained some points to her, so she couldn’t understand all of them completely

However, Ernest reacted faster. He moved his hand away in an instant. Looking at her, he frowned, “Sorry for that

. ” He sounded so polite and gentlemanly. It seemed that he didn’t mean to do it truly. Seeing him behaving so gentlemanly, Florence felt that her thoughts were so shameful as if her mind was so dirty and she had overthought. Embarrassed, she squeezed a few words between her teeth, “This is my coffee. ” “Okay,” Ernest answered in a deep voice. Then he picked up another cup of coffee, taking a sip elegantly. After putting the mug down, he continued to read again. He concentrated on the book naturally as if what had happened was just a tiny accident just now. Florence, however, was in a daze. She couldn’t help but glance at Ernest’s coffee again and again. It seemed that cup of coffee was Reynold’s, although he had gone to carry a chair and hadn’t come back yet. He wasn’t here but his coffee was drunk by Ernest. Florence thought that she should have reminded Ernest. But it was drunk already now. After hesitation for a long while, Florence finally decided not to remind him. After all, she had decided to distance herself from Ernest. If it was unnecessary to talk to him, she wouldn’t. Florence secretly moved her chair away from him a bit, distancing herself from him. Then she forced herself to ignore the man next to her and continue o read. Turning the page of the book in his hands, Ernest watched all of Florence’s movements secretly. Pressing his thin lips, he curled up his lips into a playful smile. Although Florence explained the key point to Ernest just now, she also got to understand the point in her book, so she could read the further content smoothly. After reading for a while, she encountered another difficulty like just now. Without the supplemental explanation in the book that Ernest was reading, she found another key point that was hard to understand. At this moment, Ernest pushed his book to her again. He asked naturally, “Do you understand what this means?”The content that he was pointing at was exactly the supplemental content for the point that puzzled her. Florence looked over at him in confusion. It could be a coincidence just now, but it happened for the second time. She couldn’t help but wonder if he was doing it intentionally. “Did you happen to stop at this point?”Ernest looked quite calm. “Yeah. It seems some details are not explained here. ”That was why he couldn’t understand it. Also, that was why he needed to ask Florence. His words were quite reasonable, and Florence couldn’t find any words to deny. She grabbed his book and turned a few pages back. Surely enough, the content of the book was quite similar to that of the book in her hands, which were references to each other. Those two books were supposed to read at the same time, weren’t they?