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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 376: Collapsing Despair

Florence started her new life in the Fraser family’s villa. Things were well-prepared for her, including all daily necessities and entertainment facilities. She could find whatever she wanted. She also got a new phone from a brand that she had never seen before. There was no logo on it, but its functions were far advanced than any cellphone in the market. It was just supreme. Florence also got a new SIM card and even dumped her previous WeChat ID. She had never logged in once. She had changed everything into new. She put away her old cell phone at the bottom of the box. She believed that one day, when she took it out again, at least she wouldn’t feel the pang in her heart anymore and everything would become her history. Probably it would take her a short time, or probably quite a long time. The return of the Fraser family’s daughter was blockbusting news. Florence’s parents also prepared a grand welcome home banquet for her. It was said that all the family members outside were informed to come back. Florence put on the evening dress that Victoria deliberately asked the designer to make for her. As a princess, under everyone’s gaze, she took Stanford’s arm and walked down the stunning stairs. All people in the banquet hall were looking over at her respectfully. Walking down step by step, Florence looked at them, an indescribable feeling surging in her heart. She felt that it was quite similar to the parties that she had attended as Ernest’s date. At that time, when he appeared, they were also under all attendees’ gazes, becoming the focus of the scene. “What’s wrong?” Stanford slightly tilted his head and asked in a low voice. Florence came back to her senses, wondering why she suddenly thought about Ernest on such an occasion. She shook her heat. “I’m alright. ” Stanford thought that she was nervous. He smiled tenderly. “It’s OK. We just want them to meet you. If you feel uneasy, I’ll not let them bother you later. ” This banquet was held to welcome Florence home and let all the family members meet her. However, socialization would be too tiring. If Florence was unwilling to, they wouldn’t let her be bothered. “Stanford, I’m fine. Please don’t worry. ” Florence took a deep breath. Suppressing all her thoughts that she shouldn’t have, she tried her best to force a slight smile on her face. She smiled gracefully and behaved elegantly. The gorgeous evening dress on her made her look extremely beautiful. Even she was standing next to the handsome Stanford, she didn’t look inferior at all. They even looked quite harmonious. When others were congratulating them, they were quite envious as well

“Well, since we are cousins, please don’t call me Little Miss. You can call my first name directly. Or you may call me Flory

. ” Upon hearing her words, Stanford frowned slightly in disagreement. However, he just glanced at Florence instead of saying anything else. No matter what, as long as Florence was happy. “Okay, Flory. ”Theresa was quite delighted. She walked forward, approaching Florence closer. Raising a glass of wine in her hand, she proposed, “Let’s have a toast. From now on, we will be the cousins on good terms. ”Cousins on good terms? Florence wasn’t certain, but she needed to drink the wine for being polite. When she was about to get a glass of wine next to her, a glass of juice was pressed into her hand before she could reach the glass. “You can’t drink too much. You should drink juice tonight. ”Listening to the familiar words, Florence was startled as if she had gone back to the familiar scene before. The memory that was buried in her heart suddenly came back in her mind. When she used to attend parties with Ernest, he was also like this. He changed the wine into the juice for her in an overbearing manner and said that she couldn’t drink too much. Florence’s fingers that were holding the glass were stiffened. The depression in her heart made her nose snore. Her heart ached. With just a slight touch, the feeling that she loved someone but couldn’t gain his heart had defeated her, making her collapsed. She almost tossed down the juice in a panic and made a lame excuse. “I’m not feeling quite well suddenly. Please excuse me. ”After finishing her words, she didn’t look at anyone around her. Holding the hemline of her dress, she rushed outside the hall. She lowered her head, afraid that others might notice her reddish eyes. It wasn’t until now did Florence realize that no matter how much she deliberately wanted to forget, hide, and escape, her heart had become emptier and more aching after she had escaped so far away from him. At the bottom of her heart, she still had hope that she wished to go back to City N and to him. However, her brand new life was without him completely. In such a place far away from City N, her hope seemed to be totally destroyed. She and he were completely broken up. They cut ties with each other completely. It was a kind of despair that made her collapse. She was like walking in the abyss. When she went forward, there was only a deep swamp, but there was no light at all. There was no salvation, either.