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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 302: Collin Campbell, the Magical Doctor

Brianna’s shouting attracted the attention of other people. They looked towards Florence with detest and anger in their red-rimmed eyes. Georgia, who was so feeble to keep her balance, slumped onto the chair. She slowly turned her head and looked at Florence. There was a trace of surprise in her blurred eyes, but it died out soon. This amiable and strong old lady seemed to be drained out of all her strength overnight. Florence felt distressed for her when seeing this. She ignored the others and ran towards Georgia and half kneeled down in front of her. “Grandma, I find a person to save Ernest. ” Georgia looked up at Collin when she heard the words. When seeing that Collin was so young and fashionable, the glimmer of hope in her eyes gradually vanished. She shook her head helplessly, “Flory, don’t waste your time to flog a dead horse. We should wait for a result outside of the operating room. ” Georgia couldn’t help sobbing when speaking. A short while ago, a doctor came out with his gown soaked in blood and took them to prepare themselves mentally. He told them that Ernest didn’t have too much time left. Florence knew deep down that it Collin’s young appearance was not convincible. She wanted to explain it to them, but Brianna suddenly pulled Florence away from Georgia. Brianna had used great force and Florence fell down onto the ground. Brianna looked at Florence condescendingly and cursed, “What a jinx! Fuck off! You caused Ernest to have a car accident, and now, you even bring the other man here. Are you intriguing to murder him on the operating bed?” She was not only accusing Florence of not only bringing back luck to Ernest, but also trying to murder him. After hearing the words, Ernest’s relatives all looked towards Florence more furiously. Waldo Hawkins, Ernest’s eldest uncle, walked over and lifted his feet, intending to land a hard kick on Florence. “Little bitch!” He exerted great force to his feet and swooshed a kick towards Florence. Florence, who fell down onto the ground just now, didn’t have the strength to dodge the kick and could only see Waldo’s sharp toe cap heading towards herself. “Bam. ” There came a loud crashing sound. Waldo was kicked and hit the wall. He then fell down onto the ground, blood flowing out of his mouth. It was really a hard kick. Collin retreated his feet with a calm look and squatted down while reaching his hand towards Florence

Dissatisfaction was written all over Brianna’s face, “Mom, why are you still protecting Florence now? She brings the other man here and tries to kill Ernest. ”“Shut up. ” Georgia berated her in a cold voice

. Supported by the old butler, she walked towards Florence and Collin. Georgia even got a bit nervous in the face of Collin. “Are you really Collin? The magical doctor Collin Chapman?”Georgia had paid great attention to the matters related to Ernest in private. Therefore, she not only knew about what happened to Ernest and Gemma in the past, but also knew that several days ago, Ernest had taken great pains to find the magical doctor Collin in an attempt to compensate for Gemma. It is said that Collin was a talented young doctor and he became famous at a very young age. Florence visited Collin together with Ernest back then so probably she had seen Collin before. Therefore, it was safe to say that the man she brought here was Collin Chapman. Collin curled his lips into a casual smile. He was still composed even the one standing in front of him was the authoritative matriarch of the Hawkins family. He said with apparent disdain, “Not all the Hawkins are fools. ”He was mentioning about Ernest’s relatives. Their expression turn hideous and they all glared at Collin ferociously and intended to scold her. But they were scared by Georgia’s cold gaze. Georgia didn’t take Collin’s distain to her heart and hurriedly said, “Mr. Chapman, I feel really sorry for what happened just now. Please, please save my grandson. ”“Madame Hawkins, you don’t need to beg me. I come here because of Florence’s request, and it has nothing to do to all of you. ”Collin replied arrogantly and then walked towards the operating room. This time, no one dared to stop him. Even Georgia begged for Collin’s help just now, how would they dare to stop him? Wasn’t it equal to seeking death?But they still doubted whether if such a young man would be able to save Ernest while many world-famous doctors couldn’t achieve that. The door of the operating room was opened and was then closed again. Florence finally felt a bit relieved. She kept comforting herself that Collin was a magical doctor and he would definitely save Ernest. He would create a miracle.