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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 301: Collin Finally Shows Up

It was hard for Collin to come here immediately, but Florence couldn’t wait any longer. She became more and more anxious. She ignored the people around her looked at the cars and passengers coming and going anxiously, hoping to find Collin. She only had a thought in her mind – to find out Collin to save Ernest. “Ticktack, ticktack, ticktack…” Florence constantly glanced at her wristwatch. Looking at the rotating second hand, Florence seemed to be able to hear the sound it made. Every sound implied that a second had passed. One more hour had passed after she left the hospital. Ernest was already in a dangerous condition when she left. The doctor warned her that Ernest would probably die. Now one hour had passed. Could Ernest go through it? “Please, Collin, please. ” Florence became more mentally collapsed as the time passed. She didn’t care about her image as a lady even if there were many people here. She frantically scratched her hair and walked back and forth anxiously. She kept biting her lower lip. She was on the verge of mental breakdown and it looked like she would be crazy at any time. She felt breathless under the huge pressure. “Miss Fraser, who are you waiting for? How about this? I think you shall give us some more details and we can hunt him on the Internet. ” More and more people surrounded Florence. Some of them were onlookers, and some of them were worrying about Florence as she looked really terrible at the moment. Florence scratched her hair fiercely. She was so fretful. Nevertheless, even if she neglected the discussion of those onlookers, she reasonably caught the key information of his words. To hunt him on the Internet… It might work. Based on the current situation, it was probable that Collin would fail to see the notice for finding him because of a strange combination of accidents, they she should adopt the other approach. Cyber man-hunting was quite effective as it could dig into one’s information deeply and you might even find out information of his/her ancestors. Maybe she would be able to get Collin’s phone number by this means. Florence’s eyes lit up. She looked towards the speaker and asked, “Can you help me. I want to hunt him on the Internet!” The man replied excitedly, “Of course. I’m an influencer and I can post it on the Internet for you…” “Oh, my dear Florence, I simply missed a dinner appointment with you, why are you looking for me everywhere so anxiously? You even want to hunt me on the Internet? Oh, I feel so delighted. Looks like I become so important to you unknowingly. ” A man’s teasing voice sounded from behind the crowd. The man had a height of 1. 9 meters and was half a head higher than most of the onlookers

If there were no other accidents, Florence was the person that they had been looking for over the past years. Collin didn’t want to let her down, but he didn’t want her life to go astray either. Collin continued, “You need to agree with my condition – no matter what it is, when I ask you to do it, you must complete it

. Can you?” “Okay. ” Collin’s expression was changed slightly, “You agree with it without a second thought. Will you agree if I require you to murder a person?’ “I believe that you’ll not ask me to do that kind of thing. ”Florence said with confidence and trust towards Collin in her eyes. Out of no reasons, she had a hunch that Collin would not hurt him. Although it might be hard to complete his requirement, Florence thought that she would try her best as long as he could save Ernest’s life. “Let’s go. Ernest’s condition is not optimistic. I’m afraid that no much time is left. ”Having reached an agreement with Collin, Florence didn’t want to waste a single minute. She held up Collin’s hand and ran towards the operating room. Collin ran after her while consoling her, “Rest assured. As long as he’s alive, I can save her no matter how serious the condition is. ”Florence didn’t reply, but she quickened her pace. She was not sure about whether if Ernest was still alive. …There were many people in the lift, so Florence and Collin ran upstairs to the fifteenth floor from the fire passage. Florence’s face was crimson red due to the strenuous exercise. But she seemed to be not bothered. Breathing heavily, she ran to the door of the operating room. Florence looked towards the operating room anxiously and found that the scene outside of the operating room remained the same. Ernest’s relatives were still crying and his grandma still looked withered due to the extreme sorrow. Moreover, the operating room was still closed with a flashing red light above its door. It could be regarded as the best result since there was no change. It meant that the doctors in the operating room were still trying to save Ernest. Florence heaved a sigh of relief and her eyes got red-rimmed. Collin said that as long as Ernest was still alive, he would be able to save him. It looked like they arrived here in time. Ernest might be saved. Florence was in a hurry and wanted to send Collin into the operating room. But before they could reach the door, Brianna noticed her. Brianna immediately stood up and cursed while pointing at Florence’s nose, “Florence, you ran away just now. How dare you to come back?”