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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 582: Collin, Finally You Were Here

“Haha, Florence, so what if you’re still alive? Watching Ernest die, you will also be in pain in this life. You will not be happy for the rest of your life. ” Benjamin laughed loudly and based his happiness upon Florence’s pain. He hated Ernest very much, and he hated Florence even more. If he could not live a happy life, he wouldn’t let them live a joyful life also. The vicious words made Florence felt upset and worried about him more. Her body trembled slightly and she couldn’t bear it anymore. She suddenly walked towards Benjamin and slapped him hard on the face. His face was wrapped in white gauze, so this slap instantly tore his wound and blood came out from his wound. Looking at his expression which looked like he was in pain, Florence did not pity him and said while clenching her teeth, “Shut the fuck up!” Florence almost wanted to kill Benjamin right now but she never did so as she thought that Ernest didn’t choose to kill him just now. She felt that the man was so disgusting and his living caused wastage of air. Benjamin felt very pain in his face and he thought that that was the most painful slap he had ever received in his life. He felt that his pride was humiliated even more. He looked gloomy and spat out a mouthful of blood with a “Pah” sound. He said viciously, “I’m telling the truth. Look at him; he couldn’t stop bleeding at all. ” Florence’s heart throbbed for a moment and she subconsciously looked at Ernest. She saw that Benjamin still kept bleeding although Stanford who had good skills tried his best to stop his bleeding. His white gauze was stained red. It was as if he was going to die and his blood would not stop flowing out. Florence was extremely anxious and she almost stopped breathing. She was so scared that her limbs even turned jelly. “I’m here. He won’t die. ” Collin’s arrogant and cocky voice rang out in the distance. However, Florence felt that his voice was the most wonderful voice she had ever heard. Florence trembled for a moment and she immediately raised her eyes to look at the man. She was surprised to see Collin who was wearing a white shirt and striding towards them. He had a medical kit hanging on him and was walking so fast that the wind blew his hair backwards. But Florence felt like Collin was the most handsome man she had met in her life. Her eyes were red and she choked with excitement. Collin, finally you were here. Collin walked straight towards Florence. His big hand rubbed Florence’s head hard and said, “Flory, luckily you are okay

The tears welled up in Florence’s eyes as she witnessed the scene. She felt upset seeing so much blood flowing out of Ernest’s body. She was really sad seeing Ernest in pain

. As soon as Collin raised his head, he saw Florence who looked like she wanted to cry. He felt upset and frowned as he didn’t want to see her being sad and crying, nor did he want Stanford to blame him if he saw her crying. Collin didn’t delay any more time and he opened the medical kit he brought there immediately. He displayed a serious look and began to give Ernest treatment quickly. When he treated Ernest, it was completely different from the emergency treatment that Stanford had just done. After a short while, Ernest’s wound which was flowing out blood profusely before this had stopped bleeding. After some time, Ernest’s breathing which was very weak and almost stopped became heavy again. Florence watched the changes that happened to Ernest before and after the treatment without blinking. Even Collin didn’t say anything, she knew that Ernest was saved. His condition was getting better. He agreed to the statement that Collin was a great doctor who could cure any diseases and save any patients. After neatly dressing Ernest’s wounds, Collin put down the instruments in his hand and stretched out. He looked at Florence who was staring eagerly at him, saying, “He suffers from a serious injury and needs to sleep for a few days to regain his spirit and wake up. ”Florence trembled slightly as she said, “Really? Will he really wake up fine after sleeping for a couple of days?”Before this, Ernest had been in a coma. Florence didn’t know when he would wake up, and now his injuries were still so serious, yet Collin told her definitely that he would wake up after sleeping for a couple of days. ”It was as if Florence had come back to life. Collin nodded and smiled, “I guarantee that he will be well like how he was before, except that he might have a few scars. ”Florence felt relieved. On the side, when Benjamin heard his words, he was discouraged on the spot. He had lost all of his things. Ernest was saved by Collin and he could stay alive. On the contrary, he could only die alone. Collin looked at Florence and said teasingly, “By the way, I still have medicine to remove his scars here. If you think the scar on his chest is uncomfortable to touch, you can ask me for it. ”Florence was surprised. Her cheeks suddenly became flushed. What did he mean that she would feel the scar on his chest was uncomfortable to touch? Why would she want to touch Ernest’s chest…Moreover, he was saying that in front of so many people. Stanford pulled Collin away several steps with an angry face and said in an angry tone, “Give him the medicine, and it’s none of your business. ”He simply meant that Collin could get lost now. He was kicking down the ladder after all.