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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 631: Collin’s Diagnose

Although the Turner family had prepared for the result, they still looked grave with heavy hearts when they were told the result. Now Benjamin was disabled and Ernest couldn’t have children, so who else could be the heir of the Turner family? It was a tough question! One of the elders gave a sigh as he looked at Ernest disappointedly. “Ernest, the Turner family doesn’t disappoint you, but you disappoint the Turner family. ” There were disappointment and blame in his words. Florence had tried to suppress her sadness, but what the elder said aroused her anger. At the moment, Ernest was the one who was hurt most, but these people didn’t care his feelings at all and hurt him further. It was unforgivable. Florence trembled out of rage, longing to kill all of them right now. Collin stared at Florence with a complicated expression and then continued, “There is something worse. Do you want to know?” The news chilled Florence. She put aside her outrage at the Turner family and looked at Collin with a terrified face and her heart thudding hard. “What do you mean?” Her fingers tightly holding Ernest trembled in spite of herself. Collin gave a glance at their hands holding together, hesitating for a while, and then said in a grave voice, “Ernest has the blood of the Turner family and inherits the family’s recessive genetic disease. And it has been triggered …. ” Before he could finish, audible gasps went round the hall. The people from the Turner family looked at Ernest with mixed expressions in their eyes, both shock and sadness. One of the elders sighed, “Ernest indeed is the full-blooded member of the Turner family … what a pity, what a pity!” The disease would only be triggered if the carrier had the pure blood, and this carrier was the only one who was qualified to open the Turner family’s treasury and enter the core of the Turner family…. The disease was dangerous, but it could be controlled and even cured if the patient marries the Fraser family’s daughters. And then the carrier would take over the power of the Turner family, leading the family towards prosperity. However, the current patriarch Theodore had not been attacked by the disease so he had no rights to open the Turner family’s treasury. The treasury hadn’t been open for generations. Now they finally had the one who was qualified to open the treasury, but their hope had already been dashed by the miserable fact. Ernest couldn’t have children. He was infertile, which meant that he had no chance to be cured, so he was unable to open the treasury to boost the Turner family or to keep his bloodline going. Florence was pale. She stumbled in a shaking voice, “What, what genetic disease, what, what has been triggered?” Why did she know nothing about it? She could tell from the elders’ face that the disease was severe

He pressed his thin lips and didn’t speak. But he let go of her hand slowly little by little. A slight movement

. But Florence felt the world was breaking. She looked at him in shock, feeling her world collapsed at the moment. Ernest let go of Florence’s hand, showing no expression on his pretty face. He didn’t utter any word. But his silence almost made Florence break down. Her tears were out of control and dropped from her eyes. She covered her face with both hands and cried with pain, “Why, why, why …. ”Why had it come to this?It had taken so much for her to be with Ernest. Even though he was infertile, she would like to spend the rest of her life with him as a DINK family. She could give up everything to be with him. She didn’t want power, wealth or children. She only wanted to be with him till the end of her journey. The only thing that she desired was Ernest, but he would die in three years!Florence’s heart was hurt with pain, as if someone was killing her by cutting her flesh with a knife. She lived in such a dark world. She couldn’t imagine what could make her alive after Ernest die. Ernest was heartbroken looking at Florence who nearly broke down because of great sorrow. He didn’t expect the result either. He hadn’t known that his disease would be fatal and deprive him of having children. He should stay with Florence all his life, but now he only had three years left. Three years was so short. What could he do?He worried Florence so much that he was eager to touch her to soothe her, but he was stiffened as soon as he moved his hand. He was dying and couldn’t be there for her forever. He was in no position to stay with her any more