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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 714 Come Back Early

"Me?" Bonnie was startled with big eyes as if she heard some inconceivable words. Then she shook her head hurriedly. "No, I can't. How can it be me?" Her reaction was within Florence's expectations. Florence smiled and said, "Now, I am also in Raflad. There's no difference between you and me. " "I can do that. So can you. " Bonnie stared at her with big eyes flashing greatly. Could she do it? Could she do it, too? Her heart couldn't help but throb up and down when she thought about it. She had never thought of having an equal life with men. But just thinking about it really made her excited and yearning. Florence silently looked at Bonnie, knowing she became excited. As a woman, no one would be sad or refuse the changed concept from superiority of men over women to equality between men and women. No one would like to be a slave for a lifetime and was trampled. If Bonnie could accept the concept of equality, she would live more happily in the future. Bonnie still seemed to have a fierce mental struggle. Then, she said casually without much thought. "In these two days, I've noticed that my friends and some women make changes in their thoughts and behaviors. At least, I find that they rely less on men according to their words. What's more, I even hear of one woman quarrelling with her husband. " Having said that, Bonnie continued with enraptured look on her face, "This is the first time I have heard that a woman dare quarrel with her husband. She is really brave. If it happened in the past, she would inevitably be scolded to doubt life, But now, people involved in the forum seem to be supportive. " Florence asked at her convenience, "Why do they still support the quarrel?" Although women had improved their status, it wasn't a good thing to quarrel every day, which occurred because of this reason. "Because her husband is a drunkard and often scolds or beats her. This time, she lost her temper and had a big argument with her husband. Perhaps she is affected by duke's news. " "I heard that drunkard was scared to death and dared not beat her again. " He was used to bullying people. Once the others suddenly had a strong position, he would immediately lose the war. Florence could almost imagine that picture. If that woman continued to be in a strong position, people who were in charge of the family might change. She changed from being bullied to being a controller. "That's good, isn't it?" Florence asked Bonnie. Bonnie nodded subconsciously. Then, she quickly shook her head. She hesitated, "I don't know. " Although she admired that lifestyle, the deep-rooted concept, after all, wasn't easy to be removed. Florence was helpless with lips closed. She looked out of the window thoughtfully. That Ernest stopped her from marrying Hector caused such a big social chain reaction. Had Ernest already predicted about it? Looking at these messages about changes of these women, Florence thought subconsciously that it wasn't a pure coincidence. She had to talk to Ernest in the evening

"You don't want to leave me, do you? Well, that's the thing. I won't go and I'll be here accompanying with you. " The last three words he said were full of distinctive tastes

. Florence's face became even redder as if she could boil an egg. Her eyes flickered and she said shyly. "No, you don't have to. Quick to do your own business. "Ernest smiled at the corner of the mouth. He suddenly stepped back with his strong body. "Then I'll go. You stay at home. "After words, he turned and walked away. Florence was instantly dumbfounded. She hadn't expressed herself!Almost reflexively, she stepped forward and wrapped her arms around him. "Don't go!"Ernest readily stopped. He smiled at the corner of his mouth. He chuckled, "Ok. Then let me accompany with you. "As Ernest was speaking, his bony fingers ran down her back. Florence couldn't control her body. There seemed to be a current flowing into her body. Her cheeks blushed. She seized his unruly hands. "I… I… I just asked you when you would be back. So I could remind you not to be late. "Ernest lifted his eyebrows and looked disappointed. "Don't you really want me to stay here to do anything?"Florence got goosebumps all over her body. This man was so hot. She lost herself. Florence flustered and shook her head resolutely. "No. I don't need anything! Just hurry up with your own work and come back early. "Ernest looked at Florence leisurely and thought for a while. "Come back early. Then how to define early?"This problem. Florence choked and thought about it She said:"Before twelve. "Ernest touched his chin, "Why did you choose this time?"Florence's face turned red. He might have known what the business was!"I don't want to talk to you. "Florence stared at him shyly and pushed him away. She turned and ran. If she kept talking to him like that, she would lose her face.