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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 387: Competition

Ernest squinted, and his expression told Timothy that he would definitely win Florence’s heart back. “This time, I’m gonna find the Fraser family’s location. ” As long as he could locate them, Florence could never escape to a place where he couldn’t find them. No matter where she escaped to, he would have her location in control. Timothy gaped at him in extreme shock. Locating the Fraser family? He wondered how could Mr. Hawkins find the location of the Fraser family? He couldn’t help but raise his voice. “Mr. Hawkins, what have you done?” Ernest gazed at the jet that had taken off just now. Then he turned around and got in the car directly. He ordered, “Go back to the base and prepare me a private jet. ” Right after Florence’s jet had taken off, Ernest immediately arranged his private jet to follow it. It seemed that he could achieve his goal this time for sure. Timothy was more curious how on earth Mr. Hawkins had located the Fraser family. He didn’t dare to delay and got in the car immediately. The engine was started and the car roared away like an arrow. Florence came back to the Fraser family’s villa again. She came back much earlier than she had imagined. She was like a defeated solder, being defeated and fleeing home. She had planned to take the opportunity when meeting Benjamin to have a trip with Stanford, which could make her much better and relieve her parents. However, she had encountered Ernest unexpectedly. All her plans were completely ruined. Now all she wanted to do was to hide away like a turtle without going anywhere or meeting anyone. Victoria was so surprised and delighted when seeing Florence. She trotted to Florence with a big smile and hugged her. “Flory, why did you come back so soon? Why didn’t you hang out for a few more days? Did Stanford feel bothered and refuse to take you to the trip?” As she asked, Victoria glared at Stanford to blame him. Stanford looked at her innocently, quite helpless. Florence shook her head and explained, “No. I asked Stanford to take me back. It’s not his fault. I just couldn’t get used to Farnfoss City and I missed home. So I came back. ” Upon hearing Florence’s answer, Victoria sensed something wrong. She knew it quite clearly. However, since Florence told her that she had missed home, Victoria became overjoyed, feeling the warmth in her heart. Flory hadn’t come back for quite a long time, but she truly considered here her home already. “Whenever you miss home, just come back. I’ve cooked something tasty for you. Come on. Let’s go eat. ” “No, thanks, Mom. I’m not hungry yet

”Victoria hesitated for a moment and nodded in agreement. “After all, it’s Flory’s marriage. Please ask him about her opinion first

. She has met Benjamin. If she doesn’t like him, just call it off. ”“Okay. I’ll ask her. ”The decision was made. When Stanford asked Florence about her opinion, it was expected. Of course, she didn’t have a crush on Benjamin. Stanford directly informed Theodore to call off the engagement. Meanwhile, in the Turners’. In a room, the sounds of smashing things were heard. The room was all in a mess. Benjamin smashed all vases in front of him. Pulling his tie angrily, he also messed up his suit. The fury was written all over his handsome face, looking extremely gloomy. He cursed in anger, “Damn it! How dare Ernest Hawkins set me up!”He was a grandson from the branch family. If Ernest hadn’t come back, he would be the first in line successor. However, after Ernest had come back, he was Ernest’s nephew, a later generation. Hence, Benjamin had to give up his position as the heir. However, all through the past years, Benjamin had rooted in the Turner family firmly. Ernest had just come back, so he wanted to compete with Ernest. Besides, he had a marriage with the Fraser family, so Benjamin believed that he had a much higher possibility to win. Unfortunately, now his most powerful backer, the Fraser family, had called off his marriage because of Ernest. He had been waiting for his future wife for over two decades and finally met Florence, but their marriage was called off. Benjamin believed that Ernest was his jinx and enemy for sure. “Mr. Turner, although the Fraser family called off your engagement, this isn’t the end yet. After all, marriage nowadays is based on the willingness of the lovers. The Fraser family treasured Florence Fraser very much like a precious gem and they respect her will very much. “You can fight to win her heart. As long as she falls in love with you, she’ll still marry you. ”A mid-aged man who looked like a butler was standing aside. He said in a low voice, “Besides, Master has announced that he wouldn’t get involved in this matter, and nor would he help Ernest. Also. ”He paused and looked out of the room. After confirming there was no one around, he walked to Benjamin and handed him a note. “This is from Master. It’s the location of the Fraser family. ”