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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 329: Confess to Ernest, Then Get Married. Oh, That’s Too Quick!

Being released, Florence immediately distanced herself away from Brianna with the medicine bottle in her hand. She then looked towards Ernest nervously, “I never meant to hurt you. Please trust me. ” Ernest took a glance at the medicine bottle in Florence’s hand, a trace of gloominess flashing across his eyes. The people in the ward all landed their gazes on Ernest. Ernest pressed his thin lips together and said in an indifferent tone, “The medicine is used under my acquiescence. ” Everyone was shocked. They looked at Ernest in astonishment. Some of them felt shocked while some of them doubted that Ernest was trying to cover up for Florence by saying that. After all, Ernest loved Florence and pampered her a lot. He even got seriously injured because of Florence and almost died in the car accident. Even if Florence really did something bad to hurt him, he would probably still choose to bear it silently. They had many assumptions in their hearts and felt touched by Ernest’s affection towards Florence and what he had done for her. Georgia was also a bit moved, but she caught the key words. “Your acquiescence? You know about the effect of the medicine?” Ernest nodded, “It has a wonderful effect. Because of it, I can leave the hospital this soon. ” Florence felt quite surprised when she heard his words. “You know that I have been changing your medicine recently?” Ernest took a glance at Florence, “Or do you think that you can change my medicine behind my back?” Although it was a question, the answer was so obvious. Ernest was so sensible and he could sense every subtle change. It was likely that he had discovered it the first time she changed his medicine. But he didn’t expose her secret; instead, he turned a blind eye to it. Florence flushed and a weird feeling surged in her heart. Brianna gaped at this, not daring to believe what she had heard just now. It was a rare opportunity for her to expose Florence’s secret, but the truth was really out of her expectation. Unwilling to admit this, Brianna added, “But we all have no idea of the source of this medicine. It will be harmful to Ernest if it has any negative effect. ” “There will be no negative effect. I asked Collin to give me the medicine and I also used it before. My small wound was healed the day after I applied this medicine on it. ” Florence said in a certain voice. “Collin gave it to you?” Even Georgia felt surprised. Then, seeming to recall of something, she finally realized what was going on. When Ernest was hit by the car, Florence asked Collin to save him

A trace of gloominess flashed across Ernest’s eyes when he heard her answer and the hope in his eyes was replaced by disappointment. Maybe she didn’t dare to refuse it directly in front of his grandma, so she decided to delay it. When he left the hospital, she would probably leave him and at that time, she would not be in such a dilemma

. What a good calculation. Ernest was clutched by a bad mood and he felt very upset and oppressive. As Georgia was close to them, she could saw Florence’s red face clearly. Florence looked like a girl who was in the face of her beloved man. She could basically be assured that Florence was willing to marry Ernest. Now that Florence had no objection to it, it would be so easy for her to get Ernest consent. Georgia finally felt relieved as if the big stone that had been hanging above her was removed. It looked like Florence and Ernest would not mention about cancelling the engagement again. She was really scared before. Now she could be assured and started to prepare for their wedding. Georgia held up Florence’s hand and patted it with a kind smile on her face. She said affably, “All right. Let’s talk about this tomorrow. ”Ernest would leave the hospital tomorrow. Florence’s heartbeat quickened when she heard the words. She was so nervous as the confession was looming. To confess to Ernest, and then marry him…Oh, that was so quick!But she felt quite looking forward for it. “Oh, you’ve been in the ward for a long time, but I forget to serve you a drink. Grandma, Mrs. Hawkins, please take a seat, I will pour some tea for you. ”When speaking, Florence withdrew her hand from Georgia and then rushed towards the kitchen with a red face. Georgia was so sagacious and her gaze made Florence feel like she had seen through her mind. She felt more and more embarrassed. She even doubted that her face would get cooked if she stayed in the ward for longer. Georgia didn’t take Florence’s excuse to her heart; instead, her mood was improved. And she looked younger because there was happiness written all over her wrinkled face. But when she turned around, she saw Ernest who was sitting on the bed and was exuding a cold aura.