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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 296: Confession with Blood

On the day when the appointment between Florence and Collin, though Florence was so down that she wasn’t in the mood to go out, she straightened herself up and left home. It was downtown and the traffic was pretty heavy. Unfortunately, there was traffic again today. Seeing that the appointed time was approaching and she was not far away from the meeting venue, Florence decided to get off from the taxi and walked over. While walking calmly on the street, she came across two streets at a steady pace. She had seen the appointed meeting place in front. When Florence was about to cross the street on the crosswalk, suddenly, a hand was reached out and it pulled her. She heard a woman’s words squeezed between the teeth. “Florence Fraser, it’s you!” The woman’s grip on Florence’s arm was full of strength. Her sharp long nails almost went through Florence’s sleeve and sank into her flesh. Florence frowned in pain. Looking up, she saw Gemma with a ferocious face. Florence had never liked Gemma. She looked annoyed, trying to shake off Gemma’s hand. “Miss Marlon, let go!” However, Gemma gripped Florence’s arm more tightly. Her pretty face had no elegance that she tried to maintain usually. She looked at Florence fiercely and ferociously. “What’s so proud of you? Don’t forget you’ve called off the engagement to Ernest. You are nothing now. You just a down-and-out bitch. You are even not junk to me!” She humiliated Florence directly without hiding anything. Being cursed in public by a woman, even if Florence was quite gentle, she became angry. Frowning in discomfort, Florence looked at Gemma, feeling more disgusted. In the past, Florence always pretended to be polite to her for the sake of the public image. However, she had just canceled the engagement with Ernest and even the news hadn’t spread out yet, Gemma couldn’t wait any longer to come to humiliate her. Gemma even tugged her on the street without caring about her public image at all. “Gemma Marlon, think you are so noble and stately, huh? You pretended to be Ernest’s friend, but privately you used dirty tricks to separate us. It’s truly my first time seeing such a hypocritical bitch like you!” In the past, Gemma kept lying to Florence. Only Gemma could be so shameless to come to humiliate her and stomp on her after doing such a thing. Gemma’s face paled, making her look more ferocious. She cast a secret glance at the traffic light across the street, and the green light for the pedestrians would end soon. She sneered. “So what? Unfortunately, I’m the ultimate winner. Florence Fraser, do you know the Hawkins family is still preparing for the wedding. But, I’m the bride. ” Upon hearing it, Florence was stiffened at the spot as if she was hit by the lightning. All the fury in her heart had become shocked together with extreme disappointment. She felt as if she had lost a very important person. Florence felt a throbbing pain in her heart. At the thought of the scene that Ernest would marry Gemma, she felt suffocated

”How could it be him?Florence couldn’t stand up. She crawled to Ernest in panic. Kneeling in his blood on the ground, she looked at his pale face in horror

. Her eyes were quite blurred, and she couldn’t help trembling all over. “Mr. Mr. Hawkins, wake up! Wake up!”She wanted to hold him, but the blood on the ground made her dare not to move at all. She was afraid that her movements would worsen his injury. She dared not to touch him, either. She was afraid that what she would touch would be his temperature that was dropping. “Please don’t scare me. You’ll be fine. Wake up. Wake up. ”“You’re. even. crying for me. ”The man’s voice was extremely low as if it would be broken at any time, but it also contained with a smile. He tried hard to open his eyes a bit, staring at Florence with full concentration. Florence felt so upset that her heart almost exploded. Everything that she had worried about had instantly become nothing comparing to her horror that she might be losing him. She shed tears and couldn’t see him clearly at all. “You’ll be fine. ”“If you are safe, I’ll be fine,” said Ernest weakly. He raised his hand with bloodstains in difficulty as if he wanted to wipe the tears off from Florence’s face. Although he felt delighted to see her crying for him, he felt sorry for her as well. He realized that he dislikes it when she shed tears. However, because of the strong hit, Ernest’s body had become too weak, and he couldn’t do anything at all. Before his hand reached Florence, it fell suddenly. He blacked out. His consciousness was gradually vanishing. “Mr. Hawkins! Ernest! No!”Florence grabbed Ernest’s falling hand, letting out a terrible cry. She had never felt so upset before like what she was feeling at this moment. How she wished that she would be the one lying on the ground. At this moment, she finally realized how important this man meant to her. Before she had realized it, she had already loved him to the core. How could he be dying?