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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 537: Confessions

After their battle last time, although Stanford appreciated Ernest’s capabilities after all the latter failed, so he must obey the agreement to leave the Fraser family’s territory. He should never get in touch with Florence again. However, Ernest didn’t only go back to his words, but only disguised as Clarence and came over to the Fraser family’s villa again. No matter if this was his first time to disguise as Clarence or not, there was no difference at all, but it was enough for Stanford to kill him at the spot. The punch that was thrown on Ernest was quite heavy. He didn’t dodge. A trace of blood flew out of the corner of his mouth. He wiped it off with his hand carelessly, still quite domineering. “Mr. Fraser, now you’ve vented your anger. Let’s talk business. ” His aggressiveness made Stanford thought that it was Ernest’s territory but not in Stanford’s dungeon. Stanford stiffed, becoming furious. He wanted to throw more punches on Ernest’s arrogant face. However, Ernest obviously exposed himself to him, so Stanford believed that it was more important to know the reason right now. Pulling a long face, Stanford sat down on an iron bench. He uttered a word, “Speak. ” Ernest didn’t mind Stanford’s arrogance. He asked solemnly, “You said you’ve seen Florence and Clarence on a trip on the Firor Sea. What on earth was the matter?? Just know at the entrance, if it weren’t that the condition was inappropriate and they were watched, Ernest would have already asked Stanford this question. He had tolerated long enough to ask until now. It was a private thing in his family, so Stanford didn’t plan to tell Ernest. However, looking at Ernest’s serious face, and thinking about what happened tonight, Stanford had guessed that something was wrong as a smart man. He answered, “This morning, Flory had a video chat with me. She said she’s traveling on the Firor Sea now. Behind her was the ocean when we were talking. ” As he spoke, Stanford unlocked his phone screen and tossed it on the table. On the phone screen was a photo that Florence was on a yacht looking at the sea with Clarence. They were standing shoulder-by-shoulder, and it was a photo as beautiful as the artist one. What a nice photo! It was also full of romance. Ernest looked at it and his eyes became darkened in an instant. He asked, “Have you tested if it’s a real photo?” “I’ve tested it when she sent it over

” His affirmative tone was extremely arrogant and proud. Upon hearing it, Stanford’s fire of anger exploded in an instant. He couldn’t believe in Ernest’s words, but Ernest had confessed that he disguised as Clarence, which could explain Stanford’s questions in the past weeks

. Why would Florence, who loved Ernest deeply, have a new sweetheart and fall in love with Clarence whom she just met once? Why did they just fall in love but they could become so intimate and make love to each other again and again? Why was Florence clingy to Clarence for a period but ignoring him for another period?That was because Ernest disguised Clarence. It was Ernest, so it well explained Florence’s behaviors and attitude. She could only be so deeply in love with Ernest. To be with him, she’d rather deceive Stanford and their parents. The anger of being cheated rushed to the top of Stanford’s head. His eyes were reddened with fury, and he threw another punch at Ernest fast and fiercely. This time, Stanford increased the strength. Without any slightest bit of leniency, he seemed to want to kill Ernest on the spot. Ernest turned around and immediately dodged Stanford’s fist. Then he rapidly took steps back to distance himself from Stanford. He snapped in a deep voice, “Stanford Fraser, the most important right now is Florence’s safety. ”Stanford stiffed and had to stop. The rage surged in his chest, but he tried his best to suppress it. Of course, he knew what was the most important for them now. From the beginning, Ernest disguised Clarence, which Florence must have known already. Right now, Ernest was with Stanford, so Florence was with the real Clarence in the past two days. Clarence and she weren’t in love. Hence, his confession for love with the fireflies was not a true confession. Hence, they would never go out for a trip together. Stanford realized that there had been a trap since the night before the last. Benjamin disguised Clarence and lied to Florence, and then he kidnapped them both. “Benjamin Turner has a death wish, doesn’t he?”Stanford smashed his fists on the table, making a hole in the iron table. He was full of anger. Ernest stood upright next to him with a gloomy face, his eyes cold. Benjamin had the balls to kidnap Florence. Ernest believed that it was time to send Benjamin to go to hell. He wouldn’t let Benjamin go easily. Stanford turned around and gazed at Ernest sharply, “If not mistaken, you deliberately came to me tonight to expose your secret and let me catch you, didn’t you?”