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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 123: Congratulations, You’ve Found the True Love

Looking at Ernest, Florence was almost drowned in his gaze. He was quite excellent and he always made her heart hammer so that she couldn’t resist him. She even couldn’t help but want to agree with him without caring about anything else and hug him. However. Florence bit her lower lip. The slight tingle on her lip made her remain rational. “Mr. Hawkins, it’s just a marriage of convenience. You are hitting me in this way. Aren’t you afraid that if the woman you love would know it and feel heartbreaking?” A marriage of convenience? The woman he loved? Ernest frowned slightly. He was surprised that Florence would say such words. He asked in a deep voice, “Why did you say that?” A bitterness raised in her heart. Florence pretended to be calm and indifferent and said, “Actually I’ve known everything. You and Miss Marlon. ” “Ding. Ding. Ding. ” Suddenly the internal line on Ernest’s desk rang, and the sharp tone interrupted Florence’s words. Ernest frowned. All he heard was that Florence said she had known everything. However, he couldn’t understand what she had known. “Wait a moment,” said Ernest in a low voice. Then he pressed the answer button. It was an internal line. Only when there was something urgent that a call would be connected to this line. After the call was connected, Timothy’s voice rang out. “Mr. Hawkins, Mr. Broker called. He said there’s something urgent. Shall I connect him through?” Broker was one of Ernest’s important clients. If there was nothing urgent, he wouldn’t take the initiative to call Ernest. Ernest answered, “Yes, please. ” “Okay, Mr. Hawkins. ” Timothy hung up the phone. Soon, another call came in. On the other end of the line, a man was speaking French. Although Florence couldn’t understand what he was talking about, his tone sounded quite anxious. Ernest spoke with him in fluent French. His voice was steady and firm with a good accent, making Florence feel as if she was listening to a pleasant declamation. Florence looked at Ernest while listening to his fluent French

After greeting Ernest, he also reached out his hand to Florence friendly. Then he said in unskilled Chinese, “Ms. Fraser, nice to meet you

. You are indeed quite beautiful, a perfect match to Mr. Hawkins. ”Florence was surprised. She never expected that Ernest would introduce her to Broker in such a way. She gaped at Ernest, only to find that he looked calm and confident as if it was a natural way for him to do so. However, Florence’s mind was in a mess. Now Ernest had introduced her to his business partner as his fiancée. Hadn’t he considered the business loss once they canceled the engagement?However, she just wondered inwardly instead of showing it on her face. Florence still maintained an elegant smile and shook hands with Broker gracefully. “Mr. Broker, nice to meet you, too. ”Since they didn’t speak each other’s language very well, after greeting each other, Florence and Broker sat down at the dining table. It seemed that Broker indeed had something urgent to talk to Ernest. As soon as he sat down, he started speaking fluent French, getting straight into the business. Ernest was listening to him, responding from time to time. At the same time, he didn’t forget to tell Florence, “Cut the steak for me. ”Florence answered, “. Okay. ”It seemed that Ernest was quite good at commanding her and making her do things for him. However, when seeing the bandage on Ernest’s hand, Florence couldn’t get angry at all. Although she couldn’t understand their language and chime in, Florence had to cut the steak for him obediently. She cut it into pieces with irregular shapes and put the plate back in front of Ernest. Broker, who was speaking, was taken aback for a moment when seeing it. He looked at Ernest in surprise and said in French, “I remember that you always cut the steak into squares when having a meal. This is the first time that I see you so casual. ”Ernest picked up a piece of steak and ate gracefully. He answered casually in a loving tone, “She’s not a cook, so she doesn’t need to learn such delicate things to match me. I can tune into her instead. ”“Whether you are picky in food or not, it would depend on the person who’s having the meal with you. I thought this line only fits ordinary people. I’ve never expected that you are not an exception either, Mr. Hawkins. ”Broker looked at Florence with meaningful eyes. Then he raised the goblet. “Congratulations, Mr. Hawkins. You’ve found the true love. ”Ernest was in a good mood. He raised his goblet and clinked glasses with Broker