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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 545: Consequence of Lying

“Go away!” Stanford interrupted her without hesitance. His expression was icy like never before and he was looking at her as if she was an insignificant, maybe even a stranger that disgusted him and made him wanted to stay away from. He gestured and ordered, “Take her away, it’s time to go!” After that, he walked straight to the helicopter’s entrance without turning back. His bodyguards went forward upon receiving his order and they dragged Phoebe to the side. Phoebe felt her body cold. Feeling anxious, she realized she seemed to have made a huge mistake and she was going to lose something. She watched Stanford’s back with panic, gritted her teeth and spoke stubbornly, “No, I won’t leave. If you want to take Ernest away, you have to take me too. Flory’s not here, and I’ll protect Ernest even if it costs my life!” She was greatly uneasy. She wanted to hold Stanford back and explained to him, yet the most important thing now was Ernest. She had no idea of what had happened. Florence was suddenly gone and Ernest’s identity was exposed, things were definitely not peaceful now, something must have happened! Although she was limited in capability and she could not do anything, she could at least follow Ernest until Florence came back. She could at least inform Florence Ernest’s whereabouts and provided her with some information afterwards. Stanford had entered the helicopter. He stood at the entrance and stared at Phoebe who was acting stubborn superiorly. Ernest’s identity had already been exposed, how could she protect him any longer? Had she possibly treated him as her own cousin? If it was not because of him worrying of Florence’s safety now, he would have chased these two people who had dared lying to him out of the Fraser’s house. He refused to take another glance of Phoebe at the moment. His rage grew the more he looked at her when he thought of being completely deceived by her. With a cold expression, he wanted to order the bodyguards to take her away. Yet Ernest spoke, “If Miss Jenkins insists to go, let her come. I’m not scared of facing punishment, and I have nothing to hide. ” He sounded fearless, but Stanford knew clearly that he did not mean what he said. They were going to rescue Florence, why should they bring Phoebe along? Although he was confused, Stanford did not say anything more and he consented. “If you insist, I’ll let you see the consequence of those who tell lies!” After finished, he walked into the helicopter. Phoebe felt even more uneasy. What consequence? What on earth did Stanford want to do to Ernest? Ernest looked at her and rumbled, “Don’t think too much, get inside. ” Phoebe’s heart was racing but the current situation forbade her to inquire about the whole incidence now. If Ernest insisted her to get into the helicopter, there must be a purpose. Without saying anything further, she nodded and stood beside him, ready to enter with him

His attitude was distant and cold, as if she was barred from being involved in his life anymore. She stared at him with an evasive look and was extremely uneasy. She felt bad having held back her emotions

. Yet she did lie to him, and she could not defend for herself. She had no idea what to do. She slightly approached Ernest and said with a voice only both of them could hear, “Mr. Hawkins, what are you planning to do? Do you have any plan to escape? I can help you. ” He could not possibly just sit there, being taken to the Turner’s house and wait to be punished, couldn’t he?Ernest pursed his lips and looked passed the window with cold eyes. His apprehension was concealed under his eyes. He answered casually, “Just sit here, everything will be fine. ” The Turner’s bodyguard who sat closer to him was paying attention to what he said. They were feeling disdainful. Now that Ernest had been up to this point, how could he still be so composed? Was he ignorant of the fact that his heirship had already been eliminated?As they were going to tease him, one of them turned around and unintentionally noticed the scenery outside the window. He frowned with confusion. “This doesn’t look like the route to the Farnfoss City?” After he spoke, the rest of the bodyguards all looked down from the window too, and they reached the same conclusion after that. That was indeed not the route to the Farnfoss City. The head of the bodyguards frowned and looked towards Stanford with a serious look, asking, “Mr. Fraser, please have a look, are we flying in the wrong direction?” Stanford answered casually with a cold expression, “We’re not. ” The bodyguard frowned even more. “But that really isn’t the route to the Farnfoss City, it’s the opposite direction. ”“Yes. ” Stanford nodded absent-mindedly and looked up, staring at them with cold eyes and an astute look. “The place I want to go is not the Farnfoss City. ” The bodyguards instantly sensed something was wrong. They immediately reached to the weapon on them. “Mr. Fraser, Ernest Hawkins is the main person of the Turner family, this is critical and no mistake should be made. Please ask the pilot to head back!”