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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 565: Contacting Stanford

It was quite crowded on the street. If she kept poking against his neck with the scissors, the crowd would mistake her as a criminal. Benjamin’s men shouldn’t be so capable to snipe her here. The most important for her now was to ensure where she was so that she could contact Stanford to save her. Florence kept driving. When she found a far-off lane, she pulled over the car and moved Benjamin out, pushing him in the wheelchair. Benjamin looked at her in confusion. “Flory, what are you doing?” “Shut up. ” Florence wrapped Benjamin’s face with a scarf. Only his eyes were exposed. After making him look like a patient without any abnormality, she pushed him towards a telephone booth. She had observed while driving here through -- there were telephone booths along the street. She could contact Stanford. Florence pushed Benjamin into the telephone booth. Then she dialed Stanford’s number. “Beep--” The phone was cut off after a beep. Florence looked at the phone in confusion, wondering what had happened. Was the telephone broken down? She dialed the number again. However, it was the same as the first time. After a beep, it was cut off. Florence frowned. She tried three times, but the same thing happened. She immediately changed to another telephone booth. She had tried all the telephone booths nearby, but she failed all the time. She wondered why. In confusion, Florence became uneasier and uneasier. “Hello? Hello?. Why is my call cut off? So weird. It worked well just now. Suddenly there’s no signal on my phone,” right then, a passerby said while holding his cell phone. Then he kept checking the signal. After he was a dozen meters apart, he sighed in confusion again. “Ehn? The signal is back. So weird. Why was it gone just now?” he mumbled and redialed the number to continue his call. Florence watched him recede, frowning deeply. She recalled that back then, when Ernest was hiding in her bedroom and almost found by Stanford, the latter wanted to call the doctor but Ernest used some means to block the signal in her room. She wondered if the signal around her was blocked, so she couldn’t make the phone call at all

You can never escape from me. ” Everything was under his control now. Florence tightened his body

. Suddenly, she felt that everyone surrounding them could be Benjamin’s man, secretly waiting for the chance to take the action. She was still in danger. She must get in touch with Stanford as soon as possible. However, she must take a long Benjamin to guarantee her safety. But he had the chip to block the phone signal. She couldn’t make any phone calls. She was in a dilemma now. In a delightful tone, Benjamin said, “Flory, I can still give you one more chance. I’ll take nothing that has happened today. Go back with me obediently. I’ll provide you with a happy life. ”“Dream on! Even I would die with you, I wouldn’t go back and let you lock me up again. ”She hadn’t expected that she could escape so easily. Right now, she had the chance, and she decided to fight for it. Pushing Benjamin, Florence was about to leave here. Suddenly, Benjamin reached out to grab her hand. He said in a deep voice full of threats, “Flory, this is your last chance. Think twice. ”It sounded as if she would face a serious consequence if she didn’t agree. Florence’s heart was tightened. She knew that Benjamin wasn’t threatening her at random. He just had his plan ready. Probably, his plan had been carried out already. Feeling so uneasy, Florence felt a chill rising from the sole as if there would be an enemy jumping out to harm her at any time. After a hesitation, she immediately pulled the scissors out of her pocket. When she was about to threaten him, Benjamin suddenly tore off the bandages from his face, letting out a harsh scream. “Help! Help me--”His scream drew the attention of the passersby. His ferocious face that was burned attracted others more. People were shocked, fearful, and curious. Just in three seconds, Florence and Benjamin had become the focus of the crowd. Florence felt her hair stand on end, feeling troubled inwardly. No wonder Benjamin had been so cooperative to her on the way. He must have planned to follow her to a crowded street and attract others’ attention with his ferocious face.