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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 299: Convenience as Being Ernest’s Wife

Georgia was immersed in such a big pain, so she didn’t have the effort to care about Florence. Without Ernest, Florence meant nothing to her. Brianna, seeing Florence run away, cursed her disdainfully, “What an ungrateful bitch! Seeing that Ernest is dying, she just ran away. We’ll call the police to arrest her later. ” When she was swearing, she gritted her teeth. However, hidden in her eyes was her complacent smile. As soon as Ernest died, her family branch had the hope to inherit the Hawkins family. They had been longing for the wealth of the family for decades. Now their chance finally came. Brianna couldn’t tell how joyful she was. Florence trotted out of the hospital and hailed a taxi on the roadside, heading to the No. 153 Restaurant, which was appointed by her and Collin as the meeting place. She made the appointment with him in a downtown restaurant for the sake of her own safety. Now, this location has become the biggest obstacle for Florence to avoid the most. A few streets away from the restaurant, her taxi was jammed in the traffic. It could only move a few meters after several minutes. If this went on, after passing the several jammed sections, it would waste her at least half an hour. However, Ernest was almost dying. How could he wait for so long? Although Collin was a legend in the medical field, he couldn’t truly make a dead reborn, could he? Florence was so anxious that she couldn’t care about anything else. She directly got down from the taxi and ran towards No. 153 Restaurant. She was no long trotting but running as doing a 100-yard dash, despite if she would be too tired to death. She didn’t even stop in the middle. She rushed directly to the No. 153 Restaurant like a marathon runner. “Excuse me, Miss. Do you have a reservation?” the waiter asked professionally. Although he was surprised to see Florence with a red face, he quickly calmed down. Florence didn’t waste her time answering him. Ignoring him, she walked into the restaurant directly. She had been here before, so she walked directly to the appointed table. However, nobody was sitting at the table now. Only two mugs of coffee were left on it, which turned cold already. A waiter was cleaning up the table. Florence realized that it was a bad sign. Immediately, she grabbed the waiter

Just tell him or her that I’m Florence Fraser, Ernest Hawkins’ fiancée. ” Anyone working in the TV station, even she was just a reception, would be quite sensitive to the news. Although Ernest seldom showed up in media, he was well-known in City N

. Plus, Florence’s news was also the headline of the different newspapers, she was a celebrity in town as well. By then, the focus on Florence was not only she was a talented designer, but also she had an ambiguous relationship with Ernest. That was one of the only times when Ernest showed up in front of the media. After a thought, the receptionist recalled Florence. Although Florence was with swollen and reddened face, looking pretty haggard as if she was not in a shape at all, and the receptionist hadn’t recognized her earlier, now she could confirm that the woman in front of her was the famous designer, Florence Fraser. Anything that happened between Ernest and her would bring up the audience rates of her TV station. “Ms. Fraser, I’m sorry. Please wait for a moment. I’ll contact him now. ”After confirming who Florence was, the receptionist immediately called the person in charge of the publicity department. Since Florence came to their TV station, she must need help. Probably she would bring them a big business. By that time, her bonus as the receptionist would be raised as well. Shortly after she made the call, a fat mid-aged man walked out of the elevator. With a flattering smile, he greeted Florence from afar, “Hi, Ms. Fraser. I’m sorry for keeping you wait. ”He walked over and reached out to shake hands with her. “Hi, I’m the manager of the publicity department, Alfred Rudolf. ”“Mr. Rudolf, I came here to ask for a favor from you,” Florence got straight to the point. Seeing that Florence was anxious, Alfred didn’t maintain his official tone. He said, “Sure, Ms. Fraser, please go ahead. As long as I could help you, I would. ”Florence was Ernest’s fiancée, the future hostess of the Hawkins family. If he could do her a favor, no matter for the development of the TV station and his own future, it would be quite helpful. Florence knew what he would think about, and that was why she introduced herself as Ernest’s fiancée. If she came here as an ordinary one, probably she wouldn’t be able to meet this manager so soon, let alone he would have come downstairs to greet her in person. Florence said, “I need to find a man right now. I need you to replace all the electronic commercials in City N with my notice. ”