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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 552: Countdown to the Explosion

In an instant, the earth was shaking. Half of the church collapsed. In conditional reflex, Stanford ran in the other direction to dodge. However, Benjamin ran to the explosion like crazy. The flying stones smashed on him and he trembled. He was almost smashed. However, he kept running forward without any fear. Stanford’s expression changed dramatically. With a bad hunch, he wanted to go after him. “Listen! What’s the sound?” Suddenly, Florence, who was standing at the church gate, screamed. She finally managed to keep balance in the shock wave, and then she heard clicks on her body. It made her hair stand on the end. She immediately lowered her head and looked toward the shawl. In a panic, she found the bomb that didn’t work earlier started to countdown. Only fifty-nine seconds left. In less than a minute, it would explode. She wondered why it would happen. Hadn’t the remote control been broken? Hadn’t the bomb lost effect already? With a cold look, Ernest looked at the bomb on Florence with a solemn face. “Benjamin Turner has set up a dual system. This is a water balance bomb. Once it hits or shakes violently, the bomb will restart and turn on the mod of a time bomb. ” Upon hearing it, Florence paled. Stanford couldn’t go after Benjamin who escaped anymore. He strode over and looked sharply at the bomb on Florence. “Can you remove it?” “I need some time,” Ernest answered in a deep tone. Suddenly, he pulled Florence to sit down on a bench next to them. He knelt before her on one knee, reached out, and carefully separated the bomb from the shawl, holding it in his hands gently. The countdown showed only forty-five seconds left. Florence looked at the countdown, and her heart was tightened. She couldn’t help trembling in fear, afraid that Ernest would be killed as well. “Ernest, please don’t. ” “Don’t speak. Trust me!” Ernest’s deep voice interrupted her words. Squinting, he held the whole bomb with his hands, looking at the transparent tubes inside it, and tried to balance the shaking water in there. “Beep. Beep---” The countdown continued. Only forty seconds left. Florence tightened her body in nervousness, looking at Earnest with fear. He was right in front of her, and they were so close. However, there was a bomb between them as well

” He stressed each syllable as if the words were smashed onto her heart. Her uneasy heart that was hammering almost calmed down in an instant. At the crucial moment of life or death, she trusted him

. She believed that he would resolve it perfectly. Florence nodded, withdrew her hand obediently. Beep. Beep--” The countdown showed that they only had thirty seconds. Ernest held his breath, acted quick, and cut off both the red and the green wires with the sharp dagger. Stanford gaped and blurted out, “Why did you cut two wires?”Usually, only one wire was used to countdown. Since Ernest had cut two wires, he wondered if Ernest was seeking death. “Beep. Beep--”Suddenly, the counter that used to beat one second at a time sped up the countdown. They watched the number dropped rapidly. In an instant, only a dozen seconds left. Florence widened her eyes, feeling that the blood in her body was solidified. She believed that they were doomed. Ernest had failed. The bomb was about to explode. At the critical moment, she couldn’t think too much. By instinct, she pushed Ernest and yelled, “Run!”Ernest, however, had expected her reaction long ago. He tossed the dagger away and grabbed Florence’s hands. His body was tightened and kept himself motionlessly use all his strength. “Beep--”After a long beep, the counter suddenly stopped when the number reached eight. Florence gaped at the stopped number with a pale face. She was still too frightened to believe what was going on. “Why. ” She wondered how come this happened. Why did it suddenly stop?Ernest didn’t look quite surprised. He still kept tightened and kept holding the bomb motionlessly. He lowered his voice and explained, “This is a water balance device. I’ve cut the right wires. As long as the balance is maintained, the countdown will stop. Now, we just need to keep the balance and remove this water balance device. The bomb will be completely removed. ”Florence realized that it turned out that she had escaped. Were they no longer in danger now?Florence’s mind was still messy. She was still frightened and hadn’t returned to her sense completely. Stanford reacted quickly. His heart finally fell back into his chest. With a surprise, he said, “Benjamin Turner is way too vicious! He even uses such a water balance device with a duel system!”