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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 49: Couple Sandals

Fishing was a matter of calming down. But Ernest who was sitting beside Florence with his tall figure, elegance, and a sense of presence that couldn't be ignored, made Florence's heart can’t calm down. Thus, when Ernest caught the fifth fish, Florence hadn't even caught one. She looked at the float that didn't even move, yeah, she was suspecting that her fish bait might be fake. With the sea breeze blowing and no fish biting Florence's bait, Florence comfortably leaned on the chair and became sleepy. Ernest glanced sideways to the woman that was sleeping with squinted eyes beside him, and then a faint smile appeared on his handsome face. After a long while, Florence opened her eyes and saw the blue sky which was full of clouds. Looking at it made her feel good. She tilted her head again and saw Ernest who was sitting not far from her, his handsome side face seemed extremely cool and attractive. As if he felt something, Ernest turned to look at Florence, “You're awake?” Florence was stunned; she hurriedly opened her eyes with slightly hot cheeks. “Yeah. ” She just replied like that because she was staring at him in infatuation, and he even saw her. That's a bit embarrassing. Ernest put the fishing rod away. Florence thought that they were going to go home so she hurriedly put her fishing rod away, but when she turned her head, she saw two lively fishes in her fish pot. “How could there be fishes in here?” she remembered there was nothing there before she slept. Ernest said it comfortably, “Your fishing rod moved so I pulled it up for you. ” So he just put those fishes on her fish pot. Florence even dozed off while fishing, she felt a bit sorry for making him help her pull her fishing line. “Thank you, I'll treat you some fishes later. ” “Sure. ” Ernest agreed to it frankly. Florence was dumbfounded; she was just saying it courteously. Forget it, he brought her to have fun at the sea, she should just treat him to eat some fishes, it could be considered as give and take. While Florence was thinking of that, she saw the coastline getting nearer and nearer. At first, she though that they were going back, but after a closer look, she realized that it wasn't the hotel's beach, it's a very beautiful small island. Florence was confused, “Mr. Hawkins, what do we come here for?” “To grill fish. ” Ernest just said that. Florence was dumbfounded, they went to a naturally undeveloped small island to grill fish, were they supposed to grill it themselves? Her guess quickly got confirmed. After the yacht docked, Timothy went off the boat and set up some fire on the beach. Timothy was very well prepared; he put everything one by one neatly, including all condiments and the cleaned fish. Grilling fishes on the beach. It's a very unique pleasure

Then she started grilling the third fish. Ernest looked at the fish on the tray, his face looked even darker, he was exuding extreme bad moods from all over his body. Florence didn't notice Ernest's mood, she just focused on grilling fish

. Finally, the third fish looked better, it should taste good too. Florence happily brought the third fish to Ernest. “Mr. Hawkins, please try it. ”She was looking at him with full of expectations, it was her first time cooking for Ernest, so she somehow felt a bit nervous. Ernest glanced at her with a not so happy expression from, it could hardly be seen though. Soon after he took the chopsticks and ate a bite, then he indifferently said, “Too salty. ”He coldly appraised it. Florence, who was eating the fish, was dumbfounded and slightly flustered, Ernest was so picky and he wasn't the type that would put up with things either. She looked at him and said, “I'll grill another one for you. ”“No need. ” Ernest elegantly ate the fish flesh with an indifferent expression, “I'll just have to put up with it. ”Florence could only sit down, watching as the guy, who said that he was putting up with the fish, finishing all of it. She was speechless, was he really putting up with the fish?After eating the fish, it was time for sunset and the sky was red, like it was making the sea water red by its reflection. It looked particularly beautiful. “Mr. Hawkins, I'm going for a walk and pick up some shells. ”Florence took off her shoes and walked towards the beach with bare feet. She stepped on the moist sand, letting the sea water to flow to her little feet before backing down again. She walked leisurely, the scenery was so beautiful and there were so many shells, but the stones below her feet were a bit prickly. “Florence. "She heart Ernest calling her from behind her back, not far from her. Florence turned her head in doubt and saw Ernest walking towards her, he was holding a pair of woman's pink sandal. Such a noble man, holding a pair of sandals would make him seemed so out of the place, but he did it so naturally. He walked over and put the sandal below Florence's feet. “Put it on. ”Florence was dumbfounded as she looked at Ernest in disbelief, he unexpectedly brought her the sandal himself. Then she saw the sandal on his feet, it was of the same model, so their sandals looked like couple sandals.