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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 281: Customized

It was not Ernest. Florence didn’t know how she felt at the moment. She felt disappointed, yet at the same time she breathed a sigh of relief. She then quickly adjusted her emotions and said with a smile, “Mr. Myron, what’s the matter? Come in please. ” Reynold stood at the door, “Are you free now? I want to bring you to a place. ” After the farewell party that was held last night, they would leave the Riverside City in the next two days and naturally they would not have any work-related to task. What they needed to do was to pack up their luggage. So Florence was free now. Florence nodded her head, “Please wait for a minute. I need to take my handbag. ” Florence went into the room to take her bag and then went out. Reynold gazed at her, his lines of sights unfathomable and complicated, “Let’s go. ” Soon after Reynold and Florence left the room, Ernest came to find Florence. Standing at the door of her room, he looked tall and noble as usual. Nevertheless, except for composure, there was also a touch of nervousness on his face. He hesitated for a few seconds and then reached out to knock on the door. “Knock, knock, knock…” There was still no response after a long while. Ernest slightly wrinkled his brows. It was early in the morning, why wasn’t Florence in her room? He hastily produced his phone and made a phone call to Timothy, “Do you know where Florence is?” Timothy replied, “I will check it right now. ” He soon called back Ernest. “Sir, Miss Fraser left the hotel with Mr. Myron twenty minutes ago. ” Ernest immediately pulled a long face when he heard the words. He was enshrouded by a horrifying and cold aura. A thought popped into his mind. Last night Florence had a love test and she came out with Reynold today. Could it be that she did the love test because she had a crush on Reynold? When thinking of this, Ernest felt like his heart was clutched by a big hand and he felt breathless. He was shadowed by the terror of losing her. He even felt like he was standing on a lump of cottons, which made him flustered. He actually felt panicked. “Where are they?” Timothy hurriedly answered, “It seems like they are heading towards Reynold’s villa. ” “Prepare a car for me. We have to go there right now. ” After finishing the words, Ernest ended the call and strode towards downstairs. He had to get back Florence and he couldn’t wait for it anymore. He wouldn’t allow Florence to stay together with Reynold alone

” He replied gently and then walked towards the mannequin and took off the skirt from it. Florence was confused, “Mr. Myron, what are you doing?” “No one has tried this skirt

. Can you try it for me?”Reynold took the skirt with his palms upwards and walked to Florence. Florence liked the skirt very much, so of course she was unwilling to try it. Reynold pointed at a direction, “The fitting room is over there. ”Florence followed his finger, only to see a wall of mirror. But she believed that Reynold would not play such a joke at her and she didn’t doubt his words. Florence walked over and as expected, she saw an inconspicuous crack on the mirror and there was also a small doorknob on it. “Mr. Myron, you’re indeed a perfectionist. ”Florence sighed emotionally. He even designed an invisible door on such a wall of mirror. Reynold chuckled, “This room is my studio. I would come here when I want to see the effect of my design. ”This was the reasons why the three walls here were made of mirror and there were no other decorations in the room. In this way, he could see carefully of every aspect of the apparel. This was the professional attitude of a designer. Florence thought that she would like to have a studio like this in the future. Florence walked into fitting room with the skirt in her arms and carefully put it on. Unlike the studio outside where had three huge mirrors as its walls, there was only a full-length mirror in the fitting room, from which Florence could see whether she had dressed yourself properly or not. But she couldn’t have a thorough view of the skirt. Florence walked out of the fitting room after dressing herself. The mannequin, which was originally placed in the center of the room, had been moved out by Reynold and the whole room became completely spacious. Florence could see her reflection in the mirror opposite to her with a single glance. She was reflected in the three mirrors. Reynold, who was standing not far away from Florence, felt a bit stunned when he saw her and a trace of admiration and surprise appeared on his handsome face. “This skirt really fits you. ”Florence took several steps forward. When she looked up, she saw her reflection in the mirror. With the light yellow skirt, her fair skin looked fairer and the skirt, which had been exquisitely tailored, fully showed her good figure. The skirt was proper and it showed her elegance to the maximum. It was fashionable and elegant. Florence felt inexplicably delighted when looking at her reflection in the mirror. She even had a narcissistic thought that this skirt really fitted her well as if it was customized for her.