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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 150: Danger

Charlotte said excitedly, “Do you have IK’s album. Destruction. The one published in 1986?” “Yes. ” The yellow-haired man replied without a second thought as if he actually had all kinds of albums. He continued, “But that album is stored in the warehouse. Ladies, please wait here, I will go and take it out. ” “Okay, thank you sir. ” The yellow-haired man then ran out of the store. The store was in a mess and it looked like that it sold not only albums, but a variety of goods. It looked more like a variety shop. Florence glanced around and felt confused, “This shop looks so messy. Probably the albums he sold are not genuine. ” “It can’t be. My classmate bought a limited-edition album here before. She introduced me to come here. ” Charlotte said confidently with an expectant look. Florence felt uneasy, but it was inappropriate if she argued with Charlotte on this topic. Anyway, when the yellow-haired man brought the album here, they could leave immediately after the transaction. They waited for a more while. But what came in the end was a group of rascals, including that yellow-haired man. He brought four young rascals who were wearing strange clothes with dyed hair together with him. They blocked the way at the door and gazed at Florence and Charlotte obscenely. One of them whistled, “Bro, bravo, your tattered store has actually attracted two stunning beauties. We can enjoy them today. ” When speaking, they walked towards Florence and Charlotte. Some of them even rubbed their hands together without any intention to hide their purposes. Florence was scared and realized what was going on. She hadn’t expected that they would be so bold in broad daylight and in the store. She produced her phone and shouted, “What do you want to do? Don’t act rashly. Otherwise, I will call the police. ” “You can try it, girl. ” Those men gazed at Florence without any trace of fear. Florence became even more flustered and called Ernest without a second thought, only to find out that her phone was disconnected. She finally understood why they were so fearless. It turned out that they had disconnected the signal, “We’re in a law-based society. If you do something to us, you’ll definitely be caught by the police. My driver is waiting for me outside, if we don’t go out after a long while, he will come here to find us soon

“Bitch. How dare her to spray me! I gonna kill her when they catch her. ” The man had used great force and Florence felt like her bones were kicked broken and it hurt so much

. She gritted her teeth to suppress the groan. She was quite worried about Charlotte. She now only wished that Charlotte could successfully escape and find someone to rescue her. Florence looked out of the window, hoping that someone would pass by. She shouted hysterically, “Help… Someone help…” The man slapped her violently again and Florence fell down onto the ground due to the force. The man cursed angrily, “Shut up. If you shout again, I will kill you at once. ”When he was speaking, he produced a knife. Florence was scared and became silent as fear and coldness rose in her heart. These men were really bastards who didn’t care about their own lives. The other man kicked the man who was holding the knife, “Be careful. She’s silent now. Don’t hurt her. I don’t like to have sex with a bleeding woman after all. ”“It depends on whether she will be obedient. ”The man holding the knife looked so ferocious as if he would stab Florence at any moment. This seemed be a normal thing for him. Florence was clutched by coldness and shrank back in fright. The fear of death had overwhelmed her. She was so scared that she subconsciously thought of Ernest. She wished so much that Ernest would come to save her. After a long while, the other two men ran back. One of the men who were watching over Florence asked hastily, “Where’s she? You didn’t catch her?”“That woman ran so fast like she’s an athlete. Moreover, her car was parked by the roadside. She ran over and got on the car and left. We didn’t catch her. ”Florence felt a bit relief when hearing these words. Luckily, they had asked the driver to wait by the roadside. Since Charlotte had escaped, she would find someone to rescue her soon. “Useless! You let her escape. She will definitely call the police!”“Boss, what should we do now?”“What else can we do? Leave here!”“What about this woman?”“Take her away. Change a place and throw her away when we’re satisfied