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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 505: Dangerously Seductive Man

Since Ernest was back to Turner family, a domestic war began, where parties were fighting to be the heir. Now that everyone was supporting Benjamin due to the Fraser, Ernest was being suppressed and he might really be planning on something evil. But taking a risky measure will harm the benefits of the Turner. Theodore would never allow this to happen. “I got it, stay put with the Fraser and I will take care of this. ” Theodore instructed with a serious tone and hung up. And he made a call to Ernest. “I’m sorry, the number you have dialed is not available at the moment. ” It was an operator's voice. Theodore’s face stiffened. Not answering the call? Ernest had really become mysterious. “Housekeeper, locate Ernest now. ” The housekeeper was shocked, “Activating Ernest’s GPS location? He will know once it is activated. ” They had it set up secretly for an emergency. “When should we use it if not now? Do we need to wait until he had taken some risky action?” Theodore hit the floor with his crutch angrily. He couldn’t forget Jennifer’s betrayer, she left the Turner family and now he couldn’t stand the uncontrollable Ernest, one that never listened to him. Even though Ernest was the only heir, he wanted to tame him before he took over the family business. The housekeeper immediately took out his notebook to find out Ernest’s location. He frowned with his face stiffened. Theodore couldn’t wait any longer. “What happened?” The housekeeper hesitated before showing the screen to Theodore. “Old Master, the GPS setting we set on Ernest’s phone is destroyed. ” Theodore stunned and smashed his crutch onto the ground. “He knew we did GPS location setting?” He used the most advanced technology in a very secretive way, but Ernest found out? It seemed like Ernest’s capabilities were way higher than he had expected! Theodore’s anxiety increased. He said in a low voice, “Keep calling until he picks up! And let him come home at once!” A wild horse needed to be captured and tamed

She kept her head lowered, afraid to look at him. Ernest looked at her lovingly, he was delighted with her response. Teasing her always provided him with ultimate joy and satisfaction

. He then stood up and said with a lower voice, “It’s fine, I can do it myself. ” And he started to take off his jacket. But his left hand was fully wrapped up, he seemed so uncomfortable when taking off his jacket. Florence skipped a heartbeat looking at him, she immediately stopped him, afraid that he might worsen the wound. “Don’t move, I’ll do it. ” Ernest stopped instantly and looking at her flirtatiously. “Taking off everything?” Florence’s face reddened. She didn’t reply or looked at him, and started to take off his jacket carefully. And then she saw his white shirt, she couldn’t concentrate. After a few seconds, she asked, “Do you want to take a shower now?” Ernest was happy looking at her blushing face. And he answered, “Yes. ” Again, Florence’s face turned even redder. Showering him… Her heart was racing, she was nervous. She then started to unbutton his shirt with her long and fair fingers. Her action was slow. While unbuttoning, she persuaded herself that Ernest was injured, no one could take care of him but her. He only had her, that’s why. Florence’s breath turned heavier and quicker with the shirt unbuttoned. Her finger felt frozen. Oh my… What a dangerously seductive man.