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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 484: Dating

With Clarence rowing on his own, without much time, they arrived back onshore. But Florence was complaining that it was too slow, even Stanford complained it was slow. Once they reached the shore, Stanford held Phoebe and helped her get up, his head was lowered, his voice deep, asking her, “Can you walk?” Without thinking, Phoebe shook her head, her voice so weak as if she might pass out any time. “I can’t walk. ” Florence, “…” It was the first time she saw Phoebe so frail and weak, really, how pretentious. Stanford on the other hand frowned, very worried. Hesitating for a second, he picked Phoebe up from the ground horizontally. Phoebe widened her eyes in surprise, staring at the man in front of her unbelievingly. He, he was actually carrying her in his arms! Was she dreaming? Phoebe was stunned, staring at Stanford dumbly, feeling his strong embrace, she was so blissful she felt as if she could put on a pair of wings and fly up to the clouds. Florence was also slightly surprised, for so long, this was the first time she saw Stanford carry a female creature in his arms. Looks like, he really treated Phoebe differently. Maybe in the future, Phoebe would even be upgraded from her best friend to her sister-in-law. Stanford’s face was serious, with large steps, he brought Phoebe to the mat that they had laid down just now, and put her down lightly. Phoebe’s face was dumbstruck, her arms remained in the position of being around Stanford’s neck, not bearing to let go. Stanford bent his body, facing Phoebe, he realized that the distance between them was very close. He pursed his lips, looking uncomfortable. He said softly, “I got someone to bring over some medicine for boat-sickness, you take two pills first. ” Stanford’s voice brought Phoebe back to reality. With a flushed face, she quickly let go of his neck, but still looking reluctant. It was her first time being so close to Stanford, it was enough for her to be happy for quite many days. Stanford retreated, and quickly opened up a portable first-aid box, retrieving the medicine. Whenever Florence was going out, he would always prepare everything in advance, he hadn’t expected to use it on Phoebe. He quickly retrieved the medicine and handed it to Phoebe together with water. Phoebe’s cheeks were red, she looked at Stanford with a flustered and gleeful expression. “Mr. Fraser, you’re such a great person

But Stanford’s sharp gaze immediately turned to her, and he said in a deep voice, “Hold on, I’ll go with you in a while. ” Florence aimed to not let Stanford go with her, if not she wouldn’t have picked this timing to tell him. She smiled and shook her head, “No need, I’ll just stroll nearby, will be back in a while

. What’s more, Phoebe’s condition looks quite serious, you guys won’t be able to leave in a short while. ” As if cooperating with Florence, Phoebe suddenly pressed on her chest and made a scene of vomiting. Stanford’s brows furrowed, “Are you feeling very bad? Do you want to go to the hospital?”Phoebe quickly shook her head, “I’m alright, I just need to rest for a bit, I’ll have to trouble you to pat my back for a while more. ”Stanford’s hands that had just stopped quickly started patting gently again. His expression was heavy looking at Phoebe, he still felt worried for her. Clarence walked leisurely next to Florence, and said to Stanford, “Mr. Fraser, you can take care of Phoebe in peace here, I’ll accompany Florence for a stroll, I promise nothing will happen with me over here. ”Stanford with his brows furrowed, hesitated for a moment, before nodding his head unwillingly. He looked at Florence with a deep gaze, and instructed, “Don’t go too far, bring this with you. ”Stanford took a small intricate bottle and passed it to Florence. This was in the shape of a spray, but there was no label on it at all. Florence was confused, “What’s this?”“Similar to chilli water. ”Florence understood, it was for self-protection. Bringing this with her, if anything happened to her, she can use it to protect herself temporarily. Florence gave a warm-hearted laugh, “Thanks brother, I’ll be back very quickly. ”Stanford nodded his head, “Go ahead. ”His gaze looked on worriedly at Florence. This forest had not been developed yet, this meant that the environment was good, but there was a potential danger. If she was attacked by wild animals, Clarence with his good gun skills should be able to protect her right?But his health was too weak, if they were attacked from close, not to say protect Florence, he couldn’t even protect himself. Thinking of this, Stanford suddenly felt more worried. Phoebe’s sharpness detected Stanford’s musings before he opened his mouth, she quickly said smilingly, “Mr. Fraser, what are you looking at? Flory and Clarence are going for a date, if you keep staring at them like this, Flory would feel embarrassed