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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 482: Deal Done

Clarence had no opinion on this and nodded his head in agreement happily. “OK!” Deal done, Florence immediately went to look for a set of new bed sheets and covers. She removed the ones used by Ernest and changed all of them. Clarence watched as Florence busied herself on the bed, his hand held a glass of red wine, he swirled it, and took a leisurely sip. Cheerfully, he mocked, “Florence, your actions now feel like you are a wife taking care of me. ” Florence paused in her task, so shocked that she almost tore the covers. What was this rascal talking about? She turned around, looked at him seriously, “Stop thinking too much. ” Clarence raised his eyebrows playfully, the corner of his lips carrying an evil curve. “I am the real Clarence, I am having a flirty boyfriend-girlfriend relationship with you, I am the official son-in-law your family likes. Actually, we would be very compatible if we get together, I wouldn’t mind. ” But she minded! Florence glared at Clarence furiously. This man, apart from having a good-looking face, his personality was so annoying and he had a sharp tone. How much had he been bullying her for the whole day? Florence gritted her teeth, and said softly, “Does Ernest know you have this kind of thoughts?” Clarence froze for a moment. Seeing his response, Florence understood something, and her mood improved slightly. She laughed slyly, “When I see Ernest, I will tell him everything that you just said. ” “I was just joking, don’t take it seriously!” Clarence quickly opened his mouth to cut Florence short. He put down the wine glass in his hands, his expression changed from his previous non-serious one to one of utmost sincerity and looked at Florence. He laughed and said, “We might have to spend a lot of time together, it’s better if we maintain a good relationship. ” A lot of time. These words made Florence’s initially better mood drop to the lowest valley again. This meant that Ernest would not be appearing as Clarence here for a long time. What was his plan? Florence couldn’t guess at all. She had initially thought that when Ernest entered the Fraser family as Clarence, he would be using his status as Clarence to be together with her, then prove their deep relationship to her parents, so that her parents can approve and agree to their relationship. Then in the end, they would let their parents know that he was Ernest. Then even if their parents were unhappy about it, they would still consider their feelings for each other. This would have meant that the possibility of getting their approval would be higher. But now Ernest had let the real Clarence here and ran away on his own, she didn’t know what he was doing. This meant that the method of using Clarence’s name to get her parents’ approval would not be so easy anymore. There’s no way she would have to display her love and affection for Clarence during this time to get her parents’ agreement

” Stanford had already decided. Florence was dejected, this had now become a four persons travel? If Stanford was there, she would still have to pretend that she had a good relationship with Clarence. This would be tiring

. She was contemplating whether to find a reason to not go anymore, but at this moment, Clarence opened his mouth and agreed enthusiastically. “Then many thanks to Mr. Fraser, Flory, let’s go, get on the car. ”Clarence walked to the side of the car, and opened the car door in a gentlemanly fashion. The words that Florence wanted to say were stuck in her throat, neither coming out nor swallowed down. Now she had to go. With no other options, Florence could only get in the car, Clarence followed along and sat on her side. This car had two rows, Florence and Clarence were sitting on the back row, so the only seat left was the passenger seat next to the driver. Phoebe stood at the side of the car, and the corner of her lips couldn’t help but raise. She bent her body and said to Stanford in the driver’s seat, “Mr. Fraser, there’s no other seat, do you mind if I sit here at the passenger seat?”Stanford had initially wanted Florence to sit there. But from the rearview mirror he could see Florence and Clarence seated together, as if a sweet couple, he couldn’t bear to ask them to sit separately. Stanford could only make do with the other option. He turned to look at Phoebe, intending to ask her to sit, but before his words could come out, he was caught off guard by an unspeakable scene. Phoebe was wearing a strappy skirt, with her body bent down, her already great figure seemed even more attractive. Stanford caught his breath. He was surprised, his expression extremely uncomfortable, his self-control was usually sky-high that nothing could affect him. He never thought that with one look at Phoebe, he would…Damn it. It must have been too long since he had released himself. Stanford’s breath was short and shifted his gaze away almost anxiously. From his throat, he squeezed out two words awkwardly. “Please sit. ”Phoebe had no clue that this guy had already been through a tumultuous journey in his head, so she sat down graciously at the passenger seat. She turned to look at the handsome man seated next to her, the corner of her lips couldn’t help but rise in a smile. Coming here this time was definitely the right choice, if not she wouldn’t have had such an opportunity to be so close with her male idol.