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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 516: Deceived

Florence blushed. The image where she was supposed to showered Ernest but did a handjob instead flashed across her mind. It was too embarrassing. She avoided and said, "You wish!" And walked towards the bar. She asked again worriedly, "Are you sure you want coffee? A glass of wine or fruit juice is better than this. " "I usually sleep late. " He was a night owl, it was still afternoon to him now. Florence could only do as he asked. Everyone had a different routine in life, she couldn't care less whether he could wake up or not tomorrow morning. She always made him coffee, so she was familiar with the procedure. Clarence leaned on one side starring at Florence. "Flory, don't go to bed too early later, and put on modest pyjamas even if you were to sleep early. " He said in a serious tone. "Why?" Florence asked. Clarence replied. "I can't move freely with my hand wrapped, I don't want to destroy it and raise suspicion. It's hard for me to take off my clothes too, come help me out before I go to bed later. " Florence, ". " Since when taking off his clothes became her duty? Florence clenched her teeth and rejected. "I'll have a man to do it for you. " "You changed and bathed "Clarence" before I came, and now you are letting someone else do it a few hours later. Many suspect our identities, if they found out about this, it will raise their suspicions even more. " Florence blushed, her face was as red as an apple now. How did he know she changed and bathed Ernest? Oh God, she was so embarrassed. She felt extremely annoyed but what Clarence said could be right, she thought about the pros and cons and replied with clenched teeth. "I'll only help with your jacket!" She couldn't do more than that. Clarence smiled and agreed. "Alright, I'll call you up later. " Florence, ". " Why not take off the jacket before lying on the bed with his phone? But she couldn't say something urging a man to take off his clothes

Ernest sent another text as if he knew what Florence was thinking. Ernest: I'll kill him when I'm back. Florence's anger vanished and replaced with sweetness

. It was good to have Ernest, he would beat up others for her and supported her. She replied smiley: Alright, I will wait for you. The whole screen was filled with sweetness. Ernest wanted to continue but Timothy at the back urged, "Mr Hawkins, it's time to go now. "Ernest nodded and sent another text. Ernest: It's late, go to bed now, I have a meeting to attend. Good night. Florence surprised: Are you not sleeping?Ernest: Time difference. Florence stunned and realized that Farnfoss City was far from here, there was a few hours difference. It was one am here but was only seven pm there. Ernest arrived at the Turner at this time, so there must be tons that he needed to do. He must be sleepy too now as his body clock was probably still followed the time here. Florence replied worriedly: Don't overworked, sleep early and adjust your body clock slowly. Ernest: Okay. Florence: Good night. Florence read through all the texts again, she wanted to continue chatting but Ernest reminded her to delete all calls and texts history once read. All of them needed to be deleted. Despite an unwillingness to, she deleted all of them. Her mobile was custom made with the most advanced technology, it was completely secured and none of the deleted information could ever be retrieved. No one could retrieve it including herself. She felt a little sad and sighed while dazed at the empty screen. When could they officially announce their relationship? It was hard to have underground love. ——When Florence woke up, it was three in the morning where Ernest was. She looked at the mobile, saved the number she memorized last night and then deleted it again.