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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 221: Deliberately Targeting

“You’ve mistaken, Mister. I’m single and available for the time being. I don’t have a girlfriend yet. ” As he spoke, Reynold couldn’t help but glance at Florence. He emphasized “for the time being” inwardly. Florence also echoed immediately, “It was indeed a misunderstanding. It doesn’t mind. It’s getting late. Shall we go in and take a look?” “Don’t run so fast. You look like you feel guilty. ” Ernest reached out and grabbed Florence. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he pulled her closer to him forcibly. They were face-to-face, almost clinging to each other. If he slightly lowered his head, he would be able to kiss her. Their postures were quite ambiguous. Florence blushed in embarrassment. There were still others watching. She couldn’t understand why Ernest could behave in such an embarrassing way. She was so eager to break free from his grip. “Mr. Hawkins, please let go of me. We can talk in peace. ” “Talking in peace? Will you behave yourself?” Ernest spoke, stressing each syllable. When he was speaking, almost all the hot breath he inhaled went on Florence’s face, ambiguous and seductive. The strength that his arms wrapping her waist kept increasing. His embrace was so tight that Florence could only cling to him, almost melting in his body. They almost became one. Florence blushed while her heart hammered. With a blank mind, she nodded in a panic. “I’ll behave myself. I’m always obedient. ” ‘Obedient?’ Ernest reechoed her answer inwardly. If she was truly obedient, how could she come to City N without informing him? In two or three days, she could pester a man who she just got to know. If she were obedient, there wouldn’t be any disobedient woman in this world. Ernest gazed at Florence, but he didn’t call her bluff. He lowered his head, and his sexy thin lips kissed her on her forehead gently. He said in a deep and charming voice, “I like your obedience. ” As if she was struck by the electricity, Florence felt her whole body weak and numb. Her face was so red that it looked as if it would bleed. She wondered how this man could be so seductive, just like an evildoer. Besides, the other two men were watching them. The mid-aged shop owner gaped at them, standing aside. Suddenly he felt so fed up while watching the two do PDA. Reynold felt more upset

Then he walked over and stood between Reynold and Florence. Florence had to take a few steps back to leave Ernest some space. She looked at Ernest in confusion, wondering since when he had become so interested in design

. Reynold could see that the distance between Florence and him that had been shortened by Florence by accident became longer because of Ernest. He was quite certain that Ernest had done it intentionally. With a long face, Reynold continued to introduce the design. However, he didn’t look so friendly or enthusiastic as he was just now. Originally, he was teaching Florence mainly. With Ernest, who looked quite interested and focused, Florence looked as if she was just watching them. Finally, the schedule of the morning was completed. Although Florence had learned a lot, she always felt that the atmosphere among them was quite weird. She felt not so relaxed for the whole morning. Now it was noon, and she breathed a sigh of relief. Reynold was a local, so he took the initiative to take them to a high-end restaurant. It seemed that he was a patron there. When he walked in, the waiters and waitresses greeted him with smiles. “Hi, Mr. Myron, here you came. Do you still want to sit in your regular seat?”“Sure,” Reynold answered. Since he didn’t want to see Ernest holding Florence in his arms, he walked in first. He felt that he shouldn’t have come out for the field trip today. For the whole morning, he had to watch them demonstrate their affections. The key point was that he felt extremely unhappy when watching it. He felt as if a kitten was scratching his heart. For countless times, he wanted to separate Florence from Ernest. As Reynold was a patron in this restaurant, his regular seat was the best one in it. It was an independent booth next to the window in a quiet place. There were two booths next to the table. After Reynold took his seat, Ernest and Florence sat down opposite him. Looking at the man standing in front, Reynold couldn’t help but twitch his mouth corners. He indeed realized that the person he wanted to see the least should be Ernest, nobody else. After sitting down, Reynold passed the menu to Florence gentlemanly. “Florence, order some food you like. All the dishes under the chef’s specials are good. ”“Okay. ”Florence reached out and was about to take the menu, but a hand appeared next to her and snatched it from her hands. Ernest took a glance at the menu. Then he concluded, “You won’t like those chef’s specials. ”Reynold stiffened again. He believed that Ernest was deliberately targeting him. If it weren’t for Ernest’s identity, Reynold indeed wanted to roll up his sleeves and fought with Ernest. Ernest was so hateful!