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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 417: Determined

Unexpectedly, as soon as she stepped on it, Florence slipped over. She couldn’t help but fell down inside the wall. And the rope that she was grabbing became wet and slippery in the rain. It rubbed through her palms without slowing her down, but instead, it rubbed her palms out of the blood. “Bang!” With a loud noise, Florence fell from the three-meter wall. “Little Miss!” Tammy screamed in fear. She rushed over immediately and was about to help Florence up. However, she saw a pool of blood from Florence’s body fainting in the rain, so horrible. Tammy almost burst into tears. “Little Miss, are you OK? Did you get injured? Boohoo. ” “I’m not dying,” Florence raised her head in difficulty and answered, grinning in pain. There were a few cuts from the branches of the flowers on her face. She felt a lot of pains all over her body, wondering how many wounds she got and how serious they were. With the sharp pains, she also felt helpless and disappointed. In her current status, she was certain that she couldn’t sneak out at all. Should she give up like this? Florence was quite reluctant. “Little Miss, please give up the idea of sneaking out. Let me help you up. We need to see a doctor!” said Tammy in a panic. Reaching out her trembling hands, she was about to help Florence up. Florence’s eyes twinkled. Suppressing the pains in her body, she asked, “How serious is my injury?” Tammy gritting her teeth and answered between sobs, “You look seriously injured. ” “Then we just need some advanced medical equipment, right? Can you send me to the hospital for the treatment?” Florence said with her brightly lit-up eyes. It seemed to her that it was more important for her to escape from here than the wounds on her body. Tammy looked bitter. She didn’t have the heart to give Florence a blow. She believed that Florence had forgotten they had Collin, the legend in the medical field, in the villa. Why would they send her to an external hospital? “Well, Little Miss. ” Before Tammy could finish her words, they heard a man’s snap. “Who are you? What are you doing?” Following the voice, a few bodyguards in black raincoats rushed over in anger. They spread out and instantly surrounded Florence and Tammy. Florence’s face became pale in an instant. Now they were found by the bodyguards, so it meant that she didn’t have any hope to sneak out. However, even if they were found, she couldn’t drag Tammy into the mire. “We’re just. ” “She’s Little Miss. She got injured. Please help us! Call the doctor!” Tammy interrupted the bodyguard’s words anxiously

With grievance and reluctance, Florence looked at her mother but couldn’t blame her at all. Victoria was her mother and all her mother had done was for her good, even if they had completely different ideas against each other. “Mom, no matter how you try to part us, Ernest and I will be together

. Even I can't meet him, I won’t give up. If it will need decades, I’m willing to wait until you all agree,” Florence said extremely affirmatively, stressing each syllable as if she was making a vow. Victoria went furious. “You firmly believe he’s the only man you want to marry, don’t you?”“Yes!”Raising her head, Florence stared at Victoria without showing any weakness, full of determination. More than half of Victoria’s aggressiveness suddenly vanished. She looked at Florence in hesitation and unconcealed concern. Gritting her teeth, she said aggressively, “You’ll understand why I’m doing this in the future. ”Even it would take a long time, Victoria was willing to go through the period with Florence. Pressing her lips, she stood up and walked out stiffly. She had always been an aggressive woman and had the final say on a lot of things. Nobody could retort or disobey her. She had the same attitude to deal with Florence’s matter. However, looking at her daughter’s determined and reluctant expression, she felt so depressed and her heart ached. Florence was the person in this world to whom she didn’t want to force or trouble. However, for the sake of Florence’s lifetime happiness, she had to be heartless. Looking at his wife’s receding figure, Alexander was quite helpless. He heaved a sigh slightly. They had been married for so many years. How couldn’t he know how sorry and reluctant that his wife was feeling about their daughter behind her aggressive look?He looked at Florence and said lovingly, “Flory, please don’t blame your Mom. She truly loves you very much. ”Since they had lost her once, they were loving Florence so much now. That was why she wasn’t willing to let Florence get hurt, even just for a little bit. With reddish eyes, Florence nodded. “I know. I don’t blame you. I just stick to my own opinion and hope you could agree with me. ”“I understand. But one of you must compromise first on this matter. ”Alexander reached out to rub Florence’s hair. “Flory, for the sake of your happiness, neither I nor your mother would compromise. You know what? I don’t force you at all. You’ll think it through sooner or later. ”Did he mean that she would break up with Ernest after thinking it through?Florence was pretty certain that it would never happen at all. The determination that she wanted to be with Ernest was stronger than it was at any other time before.