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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 141: Did He Really Like Gemma?

“Even if the song is melodious, it will only be accepted when it is sung by a person with good quality. Similarly, even if the clothes are good-looking, if the designer is immoral, we will not accept her design. ” A person said righteously. His words aroused resonation and others all chimed in to question her. Florence was then pushed to the teeth of the public opinion storm and was regarded as a woman who hooked up with her supervisor by some wicked means. The press conference had been changed into a denouncement gathering aiming at Florence. Florence, who was standing on the stage, became the target of the denouncement under the spotlight. Everyone was reprimanding her vigorously. Isabel, who was standing in the crowd, curled her lips into a triumphant smile and stared at Florence maliciously like a ferocious wolf. Now that her career as a designer had been impacted, then she would ruin Florence’s reputation as well and pull her into the hell together. Since Florence was involved such a scandal this time, Ernest would not help her openly for the reputation of the Hawkins family. Florence would definitely be ruined this time. Isabel’s smile became even more triumphant. She finally managed to vent her resent and indignation that had been accumulated for a long time on Florence. “Miss Florence, please come to the backstage. The security guards will block these media practitioners. The venue was in a commotion as they all reprimanded Florence with harsh words. Florence could only hide herself under such circumstance. But if she left, it was regarded as an acquiescence of committing the crime. And she would not have the opportunity to reverse the public opinion any longer. Florence stood on the stage stiffly and clenched her fists tightly, feeling extremely cold in heart. “Florence, just admit it. At least you can leave a good impression to us by showing that you’re really regretting about it. ” Isabel, who was in the crowd, said to Florence sarcastically. Those cameras and flashlights were like her soldiers that were directing the spearhead of their attacks at Florence. Florence felt hopeless because she had no choice at the moment. She had been preparing for it for many years, but now, all her efforts as well as her dream would come to a premature end. Florence was clutched by chill and almost failed to maintain her balance. She toppled and was about to fall down onto the ground. Right at this moment, a man pulled her into him broad embrace with one of his muscular arms. The familiar scent from the man made her heart throb. Her heart that was as cold as ice just now suddenly throbbed with anticipation. Florence hurriedly turned around

Isabel hadn’t expected that Ernest would show up at this time and with such a strong attitude. Obviously, he was treating everyone present, including those media practitioners. She had put great efforts in today’s plan, even at the cost of offending Ernest

. She had put all her eggs in one basket with the purpose to ruin Florence too. How would she give up easily? Isabel gritted her teeth to overcome her fear towards Ernest. She then shouted, “Mr. Hawkins, even if you cover up for Florence now, many people have known about the truth. The secret will still be spread out privately. ” “Then just spread it out. ” Ernest didn’t care about it at all and put his arm around Florence’s shoulders in an extremely natural manner. There was pampering in his low voice, “I will continue to treat Florence specially in the future and use the resources of the company to boom her popularity. After all, I, Ernest Hawkins, will only treat a woman like this in all my life. ” Only Ernest would talk about boom one’s popularity aboveboard. Hidden rule in the workplace was unpresentable after all. Wait, something was wrong. What was Mr. Hawkins’ last sentence?He would only treat a woman like this in all his life?Hidden rule in the workplace was distained because it was about the boss and a mistress. But didn’t ‘the only woman in all his life’ mean…Was Florence his future wife?There was nothing inappropriate if Ernest wanted to use the resources of his own company to boom the popularity of his wife. They were all stupefied when realizing this. Some sagacious journalists came to their own senses quickly. This was a piece of super breaking news!Ernest, the richest and the most powerful and handsome prince charming in City N actually confessed his feelings for Florence openly. This was undoubtedly the most eye-catching and breaking news in City N. “Mr. Hawkins, are you in a relationship with Miss Florence?”“Mr. Hawkins, have you decided to marry Miss Florence?”A media practitioner couldn’t hold back his excitement any longer and asked the questions regardless of Ernest’s imposing aura. Since one practitioner had broken the silence, other people also followed suit and they asked numerous questions. Every question was about the relationship between Florence and Ernest. Florence also felt unbelievable and gazed at Ernest with shock. She couldn’t believe that Ernest would actually say these in front of these media practitioners, which meant that the public would learn about it later. This was equal to admitting their relationship. But didn’t he have a crush on Gemma? Wouldn’t Gemma feel embarrassed in the future?Hadn’t he considered about what Gemma would face in the future and her feelings?Florence couldn’t figure out what Ernest was thinking. She even doubted that whether if he really liked Gemma…