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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 135: Did She Like Him

Thinking of how he could punish Florence, Ernest raised his hand and snapped his laptop. All the senior executives in the video conference were confused when seeing the darkened screen. They couldn’t help wondering what happened. Would the meeting be continued? It was so hard to figure out what was on the CEO’s mind. Ernest was not in the mood to deal with his business again. Walking out of the study, he was about to go back to his bedroom and take a shower. After he walked a few steps, he heard someone speaking at the corner not far away. It seemed that Charlotte was speaking on the phone. “Florence, have you arrived?” Upon hearing that she was calling Florence, Ernest stopped moving. Then, he overheard “not really. I just want to check on you. How’s going with your date with Cooper? “I saw him hugging you in that way yesterday, so I know he likes you very much. Today you are dating. Florence, honestly, is Cooper the man you like for real? “Haha. It seems I’ve disturbed your date. All right. Tell me when you come back home. Enjoy your date!” Hearing what Charlotte said, Ernest looked more and more annoyed. His face was as dark as the ink-plate, looking quite terrible. Florence didn’t want him to go with her just because she was having dinner with Cooper. Ernest had never expected that the person would be Cooper. Charlotte hung up the phone, walking over as if she didn’t do it intentionally. Then she acted to be quite surprised to see Ernest standing there. “Er… Ernest, why are you here?” Thinking of what she had said just now, she looked quite guilty. “When did you come here? Have you heard what I was talking on the phone?” Ernest pursed his thin lips without speaking. His body emanated sharp coldness and the atmosphere around him was extremely low and dangerous, quite terrible. With an arctic cold look, he strode forward. Seeing him like this, Charlotte pretended to be quite panicked as if something secret was found by him. Hurriedly she explained, “Ernest, please listen to me. I was just kidding with my sister. She has nothing to do with Cooper. They are just having dinner as friends. Please don’t misunderstand her. ” Her words sounded quite sincere, but seemingly she was telling a very poor lie that revealed the truth. “Besides, Ernest, you are such an excellent man. You and my sister love each other. My sister cares about you, so she wouldn’t be tangled with other men ambiguously. My sister is always a loyal woman. ” Ernest’s face looked even colder. It didn’t matter if Florence was a loyal woman or not. The most important was that Florence didn’t love him at all

In the restaurant, Florence had never expected how big the fluctuation had been caused by her simple dinner. Supporting her chin with a hand, she tried her best to stay motionless, letting Cooper draw the portrait for her. “Done

. ”Cooper stopped drawing. Looking at the person in the portrait, his eyes were full of affection. Florence didn’t notice his expression. She immediately relaxed and changed to another gesture, reaching out to him expectantly. “May I have a look please?”“Sure. ”Cooper handed the portrait to her. When Florence saw it, she was startled. She had always known that Cooper was probably good at drawing. However, she had never expected that he was so talented. When he mentioned that he wanted to draw her portrait to show her his drawing skills, she thought that he just had an itch to draw. However, she didn’t expect that he could draw her so well, especially the expression on her face. Although it was just a pencil sketch, it looked more vivid than a photo. Florence couldn’t help praising him. “Cooper, it’s indeed a pity that you are not a painter. ”“Do you want me to be a painter?”Cooper smiled, looking at Florence gently. Florence nodded. Looking at the portrait in her hands, she said, “Of course. You are born to draw. If you were a painter, you would become famous instantly. ”With such a talent, it was indeed a pity that he was not a painter. Cooper wistfully looked at the appreciation in Florence’s eyes. After a while, staring at her, he whispered, “Okay. I’ll be a painter. ”As long as she liked it, he would do anything. Florence looked at him amazingly. With a smile, she said, “That’s great. When you are holding an exhibition, remember to invite me. ”For some reason, she was quite confident in Cooper. She believed that he would have his day. Cooper smiled and said, “After all, I’m still an assistant, and I’m not skilled enough. You are a famous designer. You are more experienced than I am in such a field. If I met any problem, would you help me?”“Of course,” Florence agreed without any hesitation. It would be her honor to see how a painter was born. A trace of surprise flashed through Cooper’s eyes. He curled up his lips joyfully, and the flowers around them suddenly lost their colors comparing to his beautyAfter dinner, Cooper had planned to see a movie with Florence, but Florence thought that Ernest was still home and she was worried. Hence, she refused his invitation and chose to go home