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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 551: Die Together

The maid gazed at the red dot and said, “It’s red now. We’ll know soon. ” After the red dot flashed, if it changed to blue, it meant they succeeded. If it changed to green, it meant the effect failed. However, as soon as the red dot flashed, it meant something went wrong with Ernest’s health. Benjamin curled up his lips into a smile. Judging from Ernest’s status, he believed that the effect worked successfully. He laughed out complacently, “Ernest Hawkins, from now on, you are disabled. Ha ha ha. Ouch!” His laughter suddenly stopped. The instrument that was attached to Ernest’s neck originally was grabbed by Ernest. He acted pretty fast and threw it towards Benjamin. There was a slight arc on top of the instrument, which was not sharp. However, it was stabbed into Benjamin’s arm with a huge strength from a few meters away. At the same time, they heard a crack. The instrument also went through right in the mid of the remote control in Benjamin’s hand. Coincidentally, the main control had been destroyed. The red button on the remote control bounce up, but the bomb on Florence didn’t explode. The remote control was broken. “Ernest Hawkins, how dare you!” Benjamin held his bleeding arm, looking shocked and angry. He had never expected that Ernest could nail his hand through by using such a toothless instrument. Benjamin didn’t think he himself could be so strong, wondering if Ernest was still a human being. Ernest aimed at him damn accurately. He wondered how Ernest got to know the internal structure of the remote control from afar because he could destroy the key component with a single shot. After ensuring that the remote control was broken, Ernest didn’t spare Benjamin a single glance. He kicked the maid away and held Florence in his arms. Lowering his head to look at her, he said in an extremely gentle tone, “No worries. We’re fine. ” His promise was reechoed in Florence’s mind. Florence felt as if she were on a roller coaster, up and down constantly. Finally, the roller coaster landed safely. She was also shocked that Ernest acted suddenly. He shot at Benjamin’s arm, disabled his hand, and also saved her. She realized that Ernest had planned it. He deliberately took the wrong medicine so that Benjamin would be off-guard. Then he caught Benjamin unawares to take the action and succeeded. Ernest had well-planned everything, but Florence felt more bitterly when realizing it. She hugged him with concerns, holding back the tears that welled up in her eyes. “Are you all right?” she asked. His face was pale, and cold sweat oozed on his forehead. Ernest shook his head, looking quite exhausted

Florence stiffed. Ernest stood motionlessly in her arms. However, after a few seconds, Florence didn’t feel any pain in her body, and nor did she feel that Ernest trembled when the bullet was shot at him

. She wondered if the bullet had missed. Florence was so nervous and surprised. In a hurry, she looked back over at Benjamin. Then she gaped -- Benjamin’s pistol had been dropped on the ground, several meters away from him. Somehow, Stanford showed up with an iron stick. He kept smashing onto Benjamin. Benjamin had several more wounds again in addition to his disabled hand. He was soaked in blood. If he could still fight against Stanford for a draw, not he couldn’t do anything but being abused by Stanford. In an instant, Benjamin received several punches and kicks. He coughed out blood. Although he was still standing, they could tell that he was trying his best to hold on. Otherwise, he could fall on the ground at any time. Florence asked in confusion, “When did Stanford come in?”However, seeing her brother, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Ernest and Stanford were here, no matter what evil things Benjamin was planning to do, he couldn’t do much. He could only be beaten to disabled or dead. “He came here with me,” answered Ernest calmly. He had prepared long ago -- Stanford would hide in the dark. He wouldn’t make any move until Ernest saved Florence. “Let’s go. He’ll finish it. ”As he spoke, Ernest wanted to stride out with Florence in his arms. Stanford hated Benjamin to the core. Now since Benjamin was in his hands, he vented his anger on Benjamin. He wouldn’t feel easy until he had beaten Benjamin to death. The scene would be too gruesome, so Ernest wouldn’t want Florence to witness it. Otherwise, it might leave her a mental shadow. He believed that Stanford would end this matter perfectly. Benjamin would be certainly dead. Florence was also relieved. She didn’t look over at Benjamin at all. The matter that worried about her more right now was the drug that Ernest had taken. She believed that he must be suffered now. Besides, Collin was such an excellent doctor. She guessed that he could create a miracle and save Ernest. She must hurry up to find Collin. Florence helped Ernest up and walked towards the gate of the church. Right then, Benjamin yelled out abnormally crazily, “Let’s perish together!”As soon as he finished speaking, he did something and the statute of God suddenly exploded!