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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 203: Different Men, Different Habits

When Erica didn’t know what to do, a man’s pleasant voice was heard. “Please give my room to Florence. ” Florence gaped at Reynold, hurriedly waving her hand. “I can’t accept it. How can I occupy your room? I can stay in another hotel. ” “You are a girl. If you stayed alone somewhere else, I would be quite worried. ” Reynold looked at Florence, his clear and gentle voice sounded so pleasant. However, upon hearing his caring words, others also felt a trace of ambiguity. Florence was taken aback for a moment, but she didn’t have the guts to make a wild guess. After all, this man was her idol, a pure gentleman. He also offered his room to her out of kindness. “It doesn’t matter. I joined the team temporarily. I can stay in another hotel for two days. As soon as there’s an empty room here, I can move back. ” Reynold smiled at Florence. “Please be embarrassed. I have a villa nearby this area. It’s more convenient for me to move back. ” Hence, that was the reason why he offered his room to her. Florence hesitated. After all, it wouldn’t be so convenient if she stayed in another hotel and traveled back and forth. When she was still hesitating, Reynold helped her make the decision directly. He said to the receptionist at the front desk, “Please register Florence Fraser under my room. I’ll give her my room card directly. ” “Okay, Mr. Myron. ” The receptionist was delighted because the trouble could be resolved. Immediately, she went through the process. Since it was decided, Florence didn’t refuse him anymore. Otherwise, she would seem so hypocritical. With a smile, she said to Reynold, “Thank you, Mr. Myron. ” “You are welcome. Just a hand’s turn. ” Reynold was standing not far away from Florence. He said, “I still have some belongings in the room. I’ll go upstairs to pack them, also I can show you the way. ” “Sure. Thanks a lot. ” Florence informed Erica and followed Reynold into the elevator. Florence had never expected that she could encounter her idol and got so close to him. On the way to the room, she was excited and nervous. When they arrived in the room, Reynold swiped the door open. Then he put the car in the electricity slot. He said, “This is the room car. If you want to go out, just take it along with you. ” “Okay

Coincidentally, the coffee was spilled over on her hand. Generally speaking, she was making the ambiguous atmosphere deliberately. He checked her scald, and she would throw herself into his arms

. Then things that ought to happen would happen naturally. Reynold was usually open and playful. He would never refuse women with high-quality. He believed that one-night-stand was a principle for men and women living in big cities. He had the plan to accept Florence’s seduction and he was willing to have sex with her naturally. However, Florence withdrew her hand just now. He wondered what she meant. Probably she was playing hard to get, wasn’t she?Reynold looked at Florence meaningfully. A trace of a smile appeared on his good-looking lips. Since she was playing, he didn’t mind spending more time with this gorgeous woman. “Your skin is reddened. Hurry up and wash it under the cold water. I’ll get you some medicine ointment to cure the scald. ”Florence refused right away, “Please don’t bother. It’s truly not serious at all. ”Reynold, however, insisted. With a bright smile, he said, “You have such beautiful hands and you need them to design. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with them. Be a good girl. Wait for me here. ”His tone sounded like he was doting her. After finishing his words, Reynold walked out without waiting for Florence’s response. Florence stood at the spot in a daze, watching Reynold’s receding back. Usually, no matter where Ernest went, seemingly his room was already prepared with a medicine kit. Now she realized that not all rich men were leading such a delicate life as Ernest was. At least Reynold was not the same. Although the scald on her hand wasn’t serious, it would become serious if she wouldn’t deal with it. Stop overthinking, Florence went to wash her hand under the running water in the bathroom. Shortly, Reynold came back. There was a bag in his hands, in which there were several ointments. Florence was so surprised. “Mr. Myron, why did you buy so many of them?”Reynold opened the bag and placed all the ointments in front of Florence. “Have you got scalded before? Do you have an ointment that you usually used?”The medicine ointment that she usually used would have a better effect on her. Florence couldn’t help but get a bit touched . Reynold was indeed a careful man. She chose an ointment that looked familiar to her. “This one. ”“Okay. I’ll apply it for you. ”Reynold acted quite quickly. Before Florence picked it up, he picked the ointment up already. Then he opened the box and squeezed the pate. As a habit, he was about to grab Florence’s hand, but he thought of what had happened earlier, so he paused. Looking at Florence, he said, “Give me your hand. ”