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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 163: Different Treatment

Ernest continued to focus on his work. He looked indifferent and aloof at the moment, as if Charlotte was not in the room. But Charlotte didn’t like to be neglected. She had put in great efforts and finally managed to stay here, so she would not waste this opportunity. Therefore, after selecting books for a while, she picked a book about economic research and walked to Ernest with the book in her hands. “Ernest, what’s this? It looks like its contents are rich. ” Charlotte looked like she was ready to listen to Ernest’s explanation. Generally, people would explain it to her. But Ernest simply replied coldly, “It’s not suitable for Florence. Change it. ” Charlotte was choked. She had maneuvered the conversation in her mind before and had prepared how to continue the topic, but now she couldn’t utter a syllable. Why Ernest was so unromantic? Charlotte felt annoyed, but she didn’t dare to continue to bother Ernest, so she could only walked back to the shelf and selected other books. This time, she picked an English story book. She walked to Ernest with the book delightfully, “Ernest, I read this book before and the stories are so interesting. Florence will definitely like it. But she’s not good in English. Do you have a Chinese edition?” Ernest finally looked up. But he simply glanced over the book. He then picked up his phone from the desk and made a phone call, “Timothy, send me a Chinese edition of the book ‘Invocation’. Yeah, it’s for Florence. ” He hung up the phone and then continued to focus on his work. Charlotte stood there awkwardly with the book at her hand and her face turned red and pale alternatively. She had exerted great efforts to seduce Ernest, but he totally ignored her. He was just a person to select books for Florence in his eyes. After a short while, when perceiving that Charlotte was still standing there, Ernest looked up and said impatiently, “Aren’t you going to leave?” Apparently he was asking her to leave. Charlotte felt more uncomfortable. She gritted her teeth and said with a thoughtful and gentle look, “Let me stay in the study. It’s convenient for you to call me if you have any needs. ” “No need. ” Ernest refused her without hesitation, his tone turning cold, “The one who needs to be taken care of is Florence. ” “Florence is sleeping now. She doesn’t need me. ” Charlotte, who tried to change Ernest’s mind, suddenly paused. Her words were stuck in her throat. Ernest shot a glance at her, but his gaze was so indifferent and thrilling

When she intended to go change her clothes in the locker room, Ernest put his hands on her shoulder to press her sown and said in a low voice, “Change it here. ” It sounded like he was trying to suppress some emotions. After finishing the words, he turned around and sat down on the sofa with his back to Florence

. Florence felt the scene familiar when looking at his back, but she felt discomposed again. During the past two days, it was Ernest who helped her change the medicine and wiped her back. He had seen every place of her body except some private parts. Knowing that Florence would feel shy, he would turn around gentlemanly if the situation allowed. Although it was a trivial detail, his thoughtfulness silently warmed up her heart. Florence’s wounds were almost healed so she quickly finished changing her clothes. When she was finished, Ernest turned around. After studying her from top to toe and making sure that there was no inappropriate place, he stood to his feet and walked towards outside. Florence followed him, “I’ll go out with you. ”It would be improper if she still lay on the bed when there were some guests. But Ernest refused her without hesitation, “Have a rest in your bedroom. They’re not guests. They’re here to visit a patient. ”Florence was rendered speechless and felt somehow sorry for Harold and his friends. Ernest’s brothers would only lose out to Ernest. Ernest then left the room and went back after a short while. His friends, Harold, Anthony and Stephen, followed behind him. Anthony was Florence’s immediate boss and they were friends since they had gotten along well for a long time. He gazed at Florence with concern, “I heard that you were injured. How do you feel now?”“Fine, I almost recover. ” Florence replied with a smile. With several gift boxes at hand, Stephen approached Florence enthusiastically, “Flory, I specially bought some supplements for you. Look at yourself, you lost a lot of weight. You must have suffered a lot, right? Eat more supplements too add some nutrition. ”“Thank you. That’s so kind of you. ”Florence thanked him politely. But before she reached out to the gift boxes, they were snatched by someone else. Ernest took the gift boxes and put them on the table beside. His movements were so natural as if it was a reasonable action and there was no change of expressions on his handsome face. But the other persons present were all dumbfoundedEspecially Stephen, who was still holding some gift boxes at hand, was frozen. Had they entered the wrong room? Ernest, who had always been overweening and superior, actually took the gift boxes from them?Timothy and other servants would take care of him in every aspect in usual times and Ernest’s hands were only to sign contracts worthy of several hundred billions.