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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 173: Discuss

Dumbfounded, Charlotte looked at Florence. She rarely saw Florence with such a cold and rigid attitude. And it was on this kind of matter. Charlotte’s soft expression on her face slightly changed. Her attitude became a bit more rigid. “Florence, you can’t just send me away like this as a matter of course. I come here is to be my Ernest’s guest. These few days, his afternoon tea is all delivered by me. If I suddenly leave, who will make these for him?” “When you didn’t come, he didn’t lack afternoon tea either. ” Florence directly refuted Charlotte’s words. Now, she even slightly regretted it. If she had not allowed Charlotte to deliver afternoon tea for Ernest, the matter in the video would not have happened. She did not know if Ernest was angry. If he was infuriated, it would be disastrous as the Fraser family might be embroiled. Florence was thinking of the safety of the family members but Charlotte was becoming more and more discontent and hateful towards Florence. She could see that Florence wanted to drive her away. “I won’t leave anyway. Only Ernest can let me leave. ” Charlotte looked a little angry. She stood up and walked out. “Charlotte!” Florence called her in chagrin but what she got as a response was just a heavy slamming sound of the door. It seemed that Charlotte was not going to obey her. Vexed, Florence pressed her temple and thought for a while. She decided to discuss this with Ernest. If Ernest was the one who sent Charlotte away, Charlotte would have no excuse anymore, right? This would also stop Charlotte to have special thoughts on Ernest… Basically, Ernest had to do time management to deal with his work and therefore, the time he spent on work was almost about the same every day. But today, he returned to the room much later than usual. Florence looked at him and asked with concern, “Is there a lot of works today?” Ernest’s eyes flashed with darkness. He strode towards Florence’s bedside. “I’m just running into a small trouble. ” His tone was very casual and he managed to easily downplay the trouble. However, Florence could vaguely guess something. Regarding the work matters, Ernest would not need to spend much time unless they were particularly urgent but generally, this kind of matter was rarely encountered. And today, the scene that Charlotte took the initiative to approach and embrace Ernest… This surprisingly let Ernest who was a neat freak feel annoyed. Perhaps after leaving from the study, Ernest had gone to take a shower. And this was probably the reason for the delay. Thinking about Charlotte’s actions, Florence also felt a little embarrassed when facing Ernest

Apparently, warmth entered Florence’s heart through her scalp. Her entire body instantly felt hot. She was so jittery as if her heart had leapt to her throat

. Ernest recently had become more and more attractive as his behaviour was extremely seductive. The atmosphere in the room was subtle. At this moment, outside the room, there was another cold and resentful scene. Charlotte was standing against the door. Her face was full of hatred and fury. The matter that Florence said to her earlier about going home had made her felt panicked. When she saw that Ernest had come back, she followed uneasily and eavesdropped. In the end, as expected, she heard Florence’s words. Florence wanted to drive her away and had surprisingly told this to Ernest. Ernest even also agreed without even thinking about it. If Ernest asked her to leave, she totally had no way to continue staying. She simply did not dare to refuse that man’s cruel and cold tactics. But she was really unwilling and resigned to leave like this. Charlotte was so furious and jumpy that she almost went crazy. At this moment, she even also heard the sound of footsteps in the room. And Ernest’s cold words, “She hasn’t left yet. I’ll go to tell her now. After packing up everything, she can be sent away tonight. ”Charlotte’s face instantaneously turned as white as a sheet. Ernest was even more earnest to send her away. She completely did not have the chance to stay anymore. Hearing the footsteps becoming louder and louder, Charlotte almost did not think much about it, turned around and ran out. She only had one thought now. She could not let Ernest see her so that he could not personally drive her away. She must delay it as much as possible. Fortunately, she had lied Florence that she was having dinner tonight so she had the opportunity to sneak out. In order to avoid meeting Ernest, she ran out of the villa in one sitting. She took a cab and directly went to the city. In a state of tumult, she walked on the street casually and was anxiously thinking of countermeasures. As she walked, she surprisingly saw a store at the roadside which sold adult stuff. Her paces abruptly came to a halt. Her eyes lit up and she suddenly thought of something