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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 384: Disobedience

In the study of the Turner family. The decoration of black and white lines was based on the cold color theme, making the study luxurious and serious. The whole space appeared to be extremely rigorous. As soon as anyone entered the study, they could feel the stress in the atmosphere subconsciously. Right then, on the black leather sofa was sitting an old man with gray hair and a face full of wrinkles. He was aged obviously at least in his seventies. However, the years of precipitation did not smooth his edges and corners, but instead, his eyes were as sharp as a torch. He emanated an aggressive aura. He was a superior who was used to giving commands. With his sharp eyes, he gazed at Ernest who was standing in front of him. He asked in an old but serious voice, “Did you go to meet Florence Fraser just now?” He didn’t beat around the bush but went straight to the point. Ernest frowned slightly. His guess earlier had been confirmed. Sure enough, Theodore had known Florence used to be his fiancée in City N and found out what had happened between them. In that case, Ernest didn’t want to hide anything. He wanted to talk to his grandfather frankly. Ernest stood upright. Facing the aggressive old man, he wasn’t too humble or too arrogant. He didn’t show any weakness at all. He answered in a deep voice, “Yes. ” “Florence is my fiancée. I won’t let her marry Benjamin,” he said while stressing each syllable to show how determined he was. Nobody could change his mind. Theodore frowned deeply. Immediately, he became more aggressive. He had worried that such a thing would happen, so he asked Ernest to come to him in a hurry. Unexpectedly, his grandson had a strong personality. Before he could scold Ernest, Ernest had already told him about his decision. Didn’t Ernest know that his relationship with Florence would cause a huge sensation and impact in the Turner family? Florence was appointed as Benjamin’s future wife as soon as she was born, which was acknowledged by the whole Turner family. All through the past years, Benjamin didn’t get married, waiting for Florence. If Florence would marry into the Turner family, she could only be Benjamin’s wife. That was the fact that the Turner family was willing to accept. “Your past with her has become the bygones. Now you are in the Turner family. You can’t marry her at all

Most of the family members were against him. Just because he was the first in line successor and Theodore had suppressed those people harshly, so that Ernest could manage to stand firm in the family. However, as soon as Theodore stopped his suppression, the dark forces would approach Ernest without any restraint

. As the top noble family, the inside information and strength of the Turner family couldn’t be underestimated, and all the means were quite threatening. If Ernest would be against so many men alone, it would be way too difficult. He wouldn’t have any chance to defeat them. Ernest paused his pace. He still straightened up as if he were a javelin that would rather break than bend, sharp as awn. Pressing his thin lips, he didn’t look touched. He strode out of the study. “Bastard!”Looking at the receding figure, Theodore smashed the walking stick fiercely onto the desk in anger, all the teacups and desserts were broken in a mess. Out of the study, Ernest didn’t stay in the house. He directly rushed to the private airport that Florence was about to leave. In the private jet, Florence looked out of the window in a daze. She felt as if there was a heavy stone pressing on her heart and she even found it hard to breathe. Not long ago, she had just taken a plane to escape from City N and Ernest. Now, she was in a plane to escape from Ernest again. This time, as soon as she had gone back to the Fraser family, which was located in such a hidden place, she wouldn’t encounter Ernest again in her life. At the thought of it, she felt more depressed and complicated. The scenes in the Turner family kept flashing in her mind, such as the temperature when he was holding her and the softness she felt when he kissed her. She loved all of them. However, that man was so heartless and ruthless. Although she was reluctant to give up on him, she wouldn’t be willing to be tangled with him like a mistress and used by him. All she wanted was a man who could love her wholeheartedly. “Mr. Stanford, several cars are rushing towards us. They’ve occupied the take-off lane,” a young man rushed in and reported to Stanford. The take-off lane couldn’t be occupied willfully. Those cars were driven towards the jet before they took off. Stanford could tell that they came to look for trouble. His handsome face became cold, emanating frightening anger. He stood up and walked out of the jet. Florence looked out of the window in surprise, only to find a black Lamborghini was approaching the jet. She had never seen this car before, but for some reason, her heart jumped into her throat. In her mind, Ernest’s good-looking face flashed through