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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 320: Do Not Go

Collin had a headache when he looked at Florence’s look in which she finally understood but she still could not help but rejoice. Oh, this woman, she was cheated and tricked but she was still so happy? She was hopeless. He stood up speechlessly and patted Florence’s shoulder, “There isn’t any matter that I can do anymore, I’ll leave first. Do you want to see me off?” Florence only then regained her presence of mind. She said out of politeness, “Of course, I’ll see you off. ” “Don’t go. ” Ernest chided coldly and his face looked really bad. He originally already detested Collin and now, he even wished that he could kill Collin humanely. It was true that it was a mistake that he did not directly kill Collin when Collin hurt Florence the first time. Florence looked at Ernest and her eyes were sparkling. Her cheeks could not help but redden. She never thought that the reason why Ernest’s recovery speed was so slow was actually because of this. Although this man was apparently keeping a distance from her, he was actually reluctant to let her go. He was afraid that after he recovered, she would immediately leave, right. There was a series of sweetness in her mind and some shyness due to joys. Her eyes twinkled and she walked towards the outside, “I’ll be back very soon. ” Without waiting for Ernest to say anything, Florence walked out of the ward. Now, her heart was thumping against her chest wildly as if she had butterflies in her stomach. So, she needed to calm herself down. And also… After walking out of the ward, Florence eagerly asked, “Collin, do you have any more medicine like the one you gave me last time, which can make one’s injuries heal rapidly?” She was forcibly applied with medicine by Collin at that time, and her injuries magically healed the next day, allowing her to avoid suffering from much pain. Although Ernest’s thought made Florence feel very happy, she was unwilling to let him suffer more from his illness. “I have, but I don’t like Ernest so I don’t want to give him. ” Collin shrugged his shoulders with a face of undisguised contempt. If it was possible, he would rather give him chilli sauce to make him feel extremely painful on his wound. Florence froze for a moment and was somewhat shocked. Previously, Collin did not seem to have disliked Ernest so much. What happened just now between these two men in the ward, how come they hated each other so much after just a while? She had a headache. When Florence was vexed and depressed, Collin, however, smiled and put his arm around Florence’s shoulder and walked towards the outside while embracing her. “However, if you see me off at the entrance of the hospital, I’ll give you the medicine. ” “Really?” Florence was so jubilant that she even forgot to push Collin’s unfaithful arm off her shoulder. Florence was supposed to see him off but she could get the medicine too. So, her mood was extremely good. Collin looked askance at Florence and his eyes looked slightly helpless. After a while, he asked in a deep voice, “You like Ernest very much?” Florence was stunned after being asked out of the blue. Her cheeks instantly blushed

Was he angry?Florence was a bit worried. She immediately smiled and walked to the bed. “Ernest, Collin said there is a way for you to get fully healed and discharged from the hospital within a week

. ”Hearing these words, Ernest’s face looked even worse. He coldly refused, “No need. ”“But if you’re like this now, it will take at least two or three months…”“I’m okay with it. ”Ernest coldly interrupted Florence’s words. He turned sideways and lay down without even glancing at Florence. His back that looked arrogant and cold was portraying a sign that no strangers were allowed. Florence was depressed. The medicine that she wanted to take out was put back into the bag again. It seemed that Ernest really detested Collin very much. Perhaps, he absolutely would not take the medicine given by Collin. If she took it out, it might be thrown away by Ernest. Florence was helpless. As she was unable to persuade Ernest, she could only do something from other aspects. She could not let him continue to recover slowly. Whenever she saw his wounds, her heart ached for him. Florence secretly came to the doctor-in-charge. After the doctor knew that Florence had known about Ernest’s condition, he was also helpless. “Ms. Fraser, it isn’t that I don’t want to help you, it’s that I really have no way. Mr. Hawkins doesn’t take medicine in the morning and his wound often dehisce. And if it dehisces, it has to be re-nourished. To be like this back and forth, the duration will undoubtedly be quite long. Even if I really want to heal him, there is no way. ”“Then what if there’s a medicine that can let it heal quickly. ”Florence handed both the bottles of medicines that Collin gave her. When the doctor looked at the bottles of medicine that had no labels whatsoever, he was a little suspicious. Where and how did Florence get this kind of strange things?But, she was the boss’s wife in the future so the doctor did not dare to retort her. The doctor patiently opened it and took a look. After a glance, the doctor was astounded. “Where did you get this medicine from?!”