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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 350: Do Not Leave, Hug Me

Georgia also drank the wine in one gulp. However, her eyes were secretly observing the emotional changes of the two people. Although Florence tried her best to contain herself, she could see that under Florence’s calm expression, her emotions were seething and tumbling. She was not joyful as she seemed and she even looked a bit sad. Whereas, Ernest’s hostility around his entire body had explained everything. These two people clearly could not forget each other. But, both of them were so stubborn that they refused to compromise but they pushed each other far away. So, she should slightly help them. Georgia put down the wine glass and turned to look at Florence, saying, “Flory, I hear that you’re leaving?” Ernest’s movement stiffened for a moment. Florence nodded, “Yes, the flight is on the day after tomorrow. ” “You’re going back to the Fraser family?” “Yes. ” “It’s good too to go back to your parents’ side. Then will you come back again?” Georgia’s question made Ernest’s body involuntarily tense up. He waited for her answer very nervously as if his heart had stopped beating. Florence’s hand that was under the table tightened again. She subconsciously looked at Ernest and saw that he was just staring at the wine glass fin front of him without even looking at her. His cold look seemingly showed that he was not interested in this topic. She was crestfallen. She uttered the words slowly and softly, “Maybe, I won’t come back again. ” She had no reason to stay here anymore. The meal tonight was also considered a final farewell banquet. No matter what grudges did they have in the past and whether there was any happiness, sadness or anger, these had already become history. They would not have a connection anymore in the future. Florence poured another glass of wine for herself. She stood up and raised her glass towards Ernest. As if she had mustered all her courage, she said seriously, “Mr. Hawkins, thank you very much for your care during this period. This glass of wine is considered a token of appreciation and a…farewell. ” Ernest’s fingers tightened and they almost crushed the wine glass. Farewell. How could she say so easily like this! She was so heartless. In the end, the only person she cared about was him and from beginning to end, his care seemed so ridiculous. “Oh, very good. ” Ernest sarcastically curled his lips and also stood up. ‘Bang’. Once again, he had a toast with Florence again. “I hope that we’ll never see each other again in the future. ” After the words were uttered, he raised his head and drank all the wine in the glass in one gulp. Florence abruptly froze. Tears welled up in her eyes instantaneously

She sarcastically curled her lips. The farewell banquet was over. This place was too quiet

. It was so quiet that it made her uncomfortable and depressed. She took her bag and also stood up to walk towards the outside. But, her steps were not steady as if she was drunk. Her mind was also getting more and more confused and was somewhat not clear. Could it be that she was really inebriated?It was not logical! Although she was not good at drinking, she still could drink several glasses of this kind of red wine, let alone this was the kind that had low concentration. She definitely would not get drunk after having two to three glasses. But, her current body condition was basically the same as being drunk. Her stomach was also feeling quite uncomfortable. Florence staggered all the way to the hotel entrance. She looked at the empty road in a daze. There was no cab at all in addition to the private cars which moved back and forth. So, she took out her phone, wanting to make a cab appointment online but her vision was dazed and her fingers were shaking. She could not make it after quite a while and she even dropped her phone onto the ground. Florence was helpless. She pressed her drowsy head and slowly went to pick up the phone. But, she was already very unstable and as she bent her body, her entire body slumped onto the ground. “Ouch…”It hurt. Florence covered her injured knee. Her eyes blurred with tears and she wanted to cry. What the hell was wrong with her? Her body was weak, her stomach was uncomfortable and her heart was also with the grievance. She really wanted to give up herself and just sat here and slept. “Get up. ”The man’s low and magnetic voice sounded above her head. It was familiar and pleasant to hear. Florence abruptly stiffened. She hurriedly raised her head and saw Ernest’s face that she had been thinking about day and night. He was standing beside her while reaching out a thick and broad palm towards her. Didn’t he leave long ago? It turned out that he was not willing to leave her. This thought suddenly popped out in Florence’s dazed mind and was quickly acknowledged as the truth. Her dazed face instantly grinned from ear to ear. Ernest was stunned. Then, he saw that Florence lunged forward and hugged his thigh. Her little face even slightly rubbed against it. She slurred his words while muttering, “I’m so uncomfortable, hug me. ”Ernest was speechless. His lips twitched while he looked in dismay at the woman that glued herself to his lap. Was she acting crazily after being intoxicated?