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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 642: Do Not Let Her Go with Him

Florence and Ernest were not surprised to be refused by Victoria and they decided to give the matter further thought, so they went to see Collin first. After Collin went home, he came to his court immediately and stayed at his resource room to read materials to devise a plan. Ernest held Florence’s hand and took her to Collin’s resource room. Florence glanced at the materials piled on Collin’s desk and felt something was wrong. Her feeling was confirmed as Collin said with a grave face, “I know the whereabouts of two of the three kinds of herbs, but I have no clue about the last one. ” Ernest could only be cured if they got all the three kinds of herbs. Florence’s face was pale slightly and she asked anxiously, “What, what should we do? Is it possible to find it if we have everyone we know and all resources we got looking for it?” “There was no such grand search conducted before, but we can have a try. I’ll arrange for people to search it. Now we should find Magnolia Liliiflora first. ” Magnolia Liliiflora was one of the three herbs and a kind of herb that was rarely known to common people. It was recorded in an ancient medical book and a special herb that could hardly be seen every one thousand years. Florence was worried about the herb whose whereabouts were not known yet, but she had no choice. She asked, “Where is Magnolia Liliiflora?” Collin glanced at Ernest with a complex expression and then answered in a serious voice, “In Raflad Country. ” “Where is it?” Florence followed up hurriedly. She had never heard about this place and Magnolia Liliiflora. Ernest frowned slightly, and his eyes darkened. “You mean the little independent country shutting itself from the world?” Collin nodded, “Yes. You seem to know something about it. Raflad is small but a united nation. It refuses to have contact with the outside and therefore, is not influenced by any outside family’s power. ” “No matter you are from the Fraser family or Turner family, it won’t give you face. It is hard to get into the country, not to mention looking for the herb in it. ” In the world, many powers and countries even didn’t know where was the entrance to Raflad. Florence drew her brows together deeply, “Collin, you don’t know how to get into it?” Collin shook his head with frustration on his face. “I checked a lot of materials, but none of them mentions it. I need more time to search. ” Time was what Ernest didn’t have to give now. Florence frowned deeply and looked at anxiously, “Is there any men of yours knowing the location of the country?” Ernest nodded, “I know. ” His eyes were solemn. He didn’t forget Raflad when he arranged for people to infiltrate into this world

If anything wrong happened to him on the road, she could never get him back home. Florence’s heart thumped. She shook her head immediately and pleaded firmly, “I will come with you

. I must come with you! Ernest, you can’t leave me alone!”Ernest frowned, “Florence, I won’t stop you if we were going to anywhere else, but Raflad is too dangerous …. ”The road was dangerous, and the situation inside the country was also dangerous. It was a secluded country refusing any outsiders, so they would be faced with a terrible situation when they got into it. Florence was panic and grabbed Ernest’s hand tightly. “It is dangerous, so I must come with you. No matter how difficult and dangerous it would be, I couldn’t relax unless I am there with you. ”Florence had been in fear since she was told that Ernest only got three years left. She feared that he couldn’t get the herbs and would be attacked by the disease suddenly. She feared of losing him. She could feel safe only when she was with him and kept an eye on him every second. Ernest gazed at Florence helplessly with a complicated look. He didn’t want to put her in danger. Stanford, who was standing aside, glanced at Ernest with appreciation. He was glad to see Ernest asking Florence not to come with him because the road was dangerous. Stanford stepped forward and said, “Flory, Collin and I will come with Ernest. We will take care of each other on the road. We are gonna be fine, so you don’t have to worry. ”Florence held Ernest’s hand tightly and shook her head firmly again. She must go with them. Stanford continued resignedly, “Flory, don’t be stubborn. If you come, we have to take care of you which would slow us down and make it more dangerous. You stay at home, all right?”Florence got stiffened with a pale face. She had no experience in expedition and was not physically strong as male. If there were incidents, she could become a burden. She instantly felt miserable as if there was a stone on her heart