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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 398: Do You Always Miss Me

“Yes, it’s me,” Florence held her phone and answered, nodding. Her little face was chubby with a nervous look. From the other end of the line, the man paused for a second, and then he chuckled in a deep voice. Florence was stunned, wondering what he was laughing about after she tried hard to get in touch with him. She pouted and asked, “What are you laughing about?” “I’m so happy. ” Ernest’s voice was quite low with delight. He said steadily, “You’ve kept your old cell phone. Do you always miss me?” His tone was quite affirmative. Florence blushed right away. How could he say those words so confidently? How shameless! She retorted, “I just want to save money. ” Ernest continued to chuckle, his voice full of joy. Florence felt more uneasy, but she felt sweet in her heart, which made her feel awkward. She immediately changed the subject, “Where are you now? Did my family trouble you yesterday?” “Are you worried about me?” Ernest asked ambiguously instead of answering her. Florence’s cheeks were burning. With an unconcealed smile on her face, she still didn’t admit it. “I’m not kidding with you. I’m asking you seriously. ” “I’m also asking you seriously. ” Ernest’s voice became deeper. She could faintly hear his footsteps as if he was walking. “Do you want to see me?” he asked. “Of course. ” Florence realized that her voice was way too excited. Then she lowered her voice. “Of course I want to see you. Don’t we have a lot of matters to resolve?” “What matters?” Ernest asked calmly again in a low voice. Florence was taken aback for a moment, blushing more deeply. The matters between them were those relevant to their marriages, weren’t they? However, how could she be so brave to tell him directly? She believed that Ernest was teasing her on purpose. Shy and annoyed, Florence decided to stop talking, pressing her lips. Since there was no noise on the phone, she could hear Ernest’s movement more clearly. It wasn’t until now did Florence noticed that Ernest was doing something. She wondered what he was doing. When she was confused and wanted to ask him, Ernest asked again, “What are you doing now?” He sounded as if he wanted to chitchat with her

He gazed at Florence, his deep eyes full of affection and missing for her. Florence felt as if her heart was wrapped by something, the sweetness and happiness surging in it. Subconsciously, she walked over and stopped in front of Ernest

. “How did you get in? Climbing the window. Hmm. ”Before she finished her words, Ernest wrapped around her waist, pulled her in his arms, lowered his head, and kissed her. Florence stiffed, staring at the enlarged handsome face in front of her in a daze. Her heart was beating fast and she felt as if her strength was completely sucked out. She didn’t have any strength to resist, and nor did she want. It was so difficult for them to share this embrace and kiss. Her heart was full of sweetness. Florence subconsciously raised her hands and gentled wrapped them around the man’s waist. “Don’t be afraid,” he muttered. His voice was like a magical spell, almost breaking down Florence’s defense in her heart. She couldn’t resist him at all. She couldn’t control her weakened body as if she had been melting in his arms. “Do we. move too fast. ”“I’ve been waiting for this moment long enough. ”Unconsciously, Florence was taken to her bed by Ernest. He pushed her down with a bit of strength. The mattress sank deeply. Staring at her, he declared, “You belong to me. ”This time, he would never let her go and keep the woman who belonged to him by his side. He wouldn’t let the possibility of missing her exist again. Florence was almost drowned by Ernest’s eyes. She blushed, her heart hammering. Embarrassed and nervous, she seemed to expect something shamelessly. She guessed that after they had sex and probably she could get pregnant. By that time, her parents wouldn’t have the heart to separate Ernest and her. As if she had found herself a reasonable and bold excuse, Florence blushed, bit her lower lip, and gently wrapped her arms around Ernest’s neck