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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 585: Do You Like Her?

He couldn’t understand her mind. Florence looked at Stanford and asked in a soft voice, “Stanford, have you ever had such a person in your heart. If she was there, your attention will fall on her involuntarily. If she was gone, you will feel like your soul had flown away with her. ” Stanford frowned and said coldly and stubbornly, “No!” When he finished his words, he couldn’t help but recall the scene in which he witnessed Phoebe leaving. “No one is perfect. Everyone will make mistakes. But if Ernest really lies to me one day, I would believe that he has to do it because he has no choice. He would never try to hurt me. ” Florence smiled, and her eyes looked as bright as diamonds. She trusted Ernest so much and was confident that he would treat her well. Stanford looked at her as he was shocked. He had never thought that a person would treat an outsider so well, nor had he done so. He was a rational man who thought that a person who had done something wrong was unforgivable. The person should be killed and chased out from the family. But he didn’t know he could also forgive… He subconsciously recalled the scene in which Phoebe was crying her eyes out at the seaside. She was sad as she looked at him who felt desperate and guilty. He could vividly remember her back who looked depressed and lonely as she turned around and left. Stanford felt depressed suddenly. He pursed his lips and tried to forget the scene. Then he looked at Florence with a gloomy look and said, “Are you bound to be with Ernest no matter what happens?” “Yes!” Florence nodded her head without hesitation. Stanford looked gloomy. Florence looked at him. She looked serious as if she was pleading with him. “Stanford, after what happened this time, you’ve also seen that Ernest really risks his life for me. He treats me sincerely. Can you agree for us to be together? Please. ” Stanford didn’t say anything. He looked at Florence and he averted his attention. He looked serious as he looked at Ernest who was unconscious. After a while, he said coldly, “We can discuss this matter when he wakes up

He heaved a sigh of relief. Then he said doubtfully again, “Then, Young Master, are you … concerned about Miss Jenkins? Are you trying to make sure that she has reached home safely?” After saying that, Addison felt that his prediction was right. He said while smiling, “That would be good

. Miss Jenkins is such a good woman. You can let bygones be bygones and continued to be together with her…” Stanford’s temples pulsed suddenly. Why was he saying that he could continue to be together with her? When did he say so? He was simply asking him to check Phoebe’s whereabouts! He looked at Addison coldly, “Don’t say so much nonsense. Do you want to go to Africa for a new adventure?” He took a few more steps backwards and hastily waved his hand and shook his head to indicate his refusal. Then he quickly took out his work tablet and said seriously, “I’ll immediately check if Miss Jenkins has arrived home. ”Looking at his appearance, Stanford’s temple kept pulsing. He suddenly regretted asking Phoebe’s whereabouts. He didn’t even care about her that much. Therefore, he displayed an angry look as he turned around and strode towards another villa. He was in a bad mood and decided to go and interrogate Benjamin himself. Seeing Stanford leaving, Addison also hurriedly chased after him, while his fingers were still quickly tapping on the tablet, not delaying the process of finding Phoebe. When they reached the door of another villa, Addison said suddenly, “Young Master, I’ve found out her whereabouts!”Stanford was stunned for a while as he stopped walking. Addison didn’t pay attention to him and said with a gloomy expression, “Miss Jenkins didn’t go back home. She didn’t even return to China. ”“What?”Stanford turned around quickly while frowning. He wondered why was Phoebe not going home. Why was she doing here abroad?Or, had she encountered any danger?His heart throbbed for a moment. He became a bit rushed as he said hurriedly, “Faster send someone to find her immediately. ”Addison felt that it was rare to see Stanford worried about someone so much. The person was not even his relative. He couldn’t help but taunt him, “Young Master, do you like her?”Was Addison asking him if he liked her?He was dumbfounded when he heard Addison’s words. He was stunned and his heart pulsed very fast uncontrollably for a moment. He felt strange all over his body. He became panicked. His face turned pale as he denied his statement without hesitation. “Certainly not! I’m just worried that something might happen to her and Flory will be sad. ”