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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 584: Do You Really Love Him

Seeing Florence’s reaction, the bodyguards also immediately stopped his action and did not dare to shoot. Stanford displayed a serious look and looked at Benjamin furiously. Benjamin smiled maliciously and displayed an evil look as he looked at Florence. “I hide Clarence in a place, which only I l know about it. Flory, do you want me to tell you?” Florence who was in front of Benjamin looked down at him. She frowned and pressed him, “Where is Clarence?” Benjamin sneered, “Let me go and I will tell you. ” Was he asking her to let him go? It was so hard for them to catch him. If they let him go, he would definitely create trouble again. Moreover, according to his evil nature, he would not tell her the place where he hid Clarence and would probably go back and kill him immediately if they let him go. Florence frowned and she looked anxious. Stanford walked one step forward and reached out to pat Florence on her shoulder. He said in a low voice, “Flory, you don’t need to interfere in this matter. Just leave it to me” Stanford paused and he tried to suppress the anger that Benjamin lied to him, “I will bring Clarence back safely. ” If Stanford was the one who performed the task, there was a high chance that he would accomplish it. Moreover, he knew how to communicate with Benjamin so that Benjamin would be under his control, unlike her who listened to Benjamin’s words when she was forced by him. Florence hesitated for a moment and nodded solemnly. “Okay. ” Seeing that Florence had agreed so easily, Benjamin’s expression changed abruptly. In his current situation, he could only fool around with Florence as he was the most innocent person among them. If Florence didn’t want to press him, he didn’t have many chances to survive even Clarence was in his hands as the person who dealt with him would be Stanford. “Florence, the reason that Clarence was in my hands now was that he wanted to save you. You are so evil that you don’t want to save him now? Do you know that even when he was in my hands and being tortured to the point that his skin was torn apart, he gritted his teeth and didn’t tell me the place where you hid?” Florence was stunned. She kept thinking about the scene in which Clarence was injured seriously but still gritting his teeth. He was a person who had lived a happy life and never experienced such mishaps. However, he experienced so much pain because of her. Florence clenched her fists and turned around, looking at Stanford seriously and saying, “Stanford, you must use any ways to make Benjamin tell you where he hid Clarence and save him. ” Benjamin’s face turned paler. He shouted hysterically, “Florence, if you don’t want to let me go. I will not tell you where I hide him even if I die!” Must she let him go? Then he must be having bad intentions! The more Benjamin wanted her to let him go, the more Florence didn’t want to do so

Stanford purposely found a villa on the outskirts of the city. The whole place was reserved by him and many guards were standing outside. The security there was very tight

. Florence and Ernest settled down in the master room. He laid on the bed while Florence stayed by his bedside all time long. She kept taking care of him until he woke up. Stanford stood by the side and watched Florence wiping Ernest’s face. His face was gloomy. After keeping quiet for a while, he said in a deep voice, “Flory, you can leave these things for the maid to do. Your body is not fully healed either. You should have a proper rest. ”Florence shook her head and carefully and seriously wiped Ernest’s brow with a handkerchief. Her gaze was gentle as she smiled. “I’m fine. I want to do a little more for him, even if it was a little thing. ”Ernest had treated her so well that she could never repay him in her lifetime. Stanford looked at Florence’s appearance and frowned fiercely. “You…” He paused before slowly letting out his low voice, “Do you really love him?”“Yes. ”Florence replied even without hesitation. Stanford frowned even more as he said, “You really don’t care at all that he only wanted to be with you to get the power in the Turner family when he came to our house?”Florence who was wiping Ernest’s face was stunned for a moment. She pursed her lips and thought very seriously for a moment before she answered his question solemnly. “Stanford, I’ve believed from the start that the reason Ernest went to approach the Turner family was for me. He didn’t want to have any power in the Turner family. Moreover, even if he really approached us just to get the power in the Turner family…”Florence looked down at Ernest who was in a coma. Her eyes looked determined, “If I can help him, I will be willing to give him everything I have. ”Florence would not complain about anything if she could help Ernest. Stanford was shocked as his eyes widened. He looked at Florence incredulously. He wondered what kind of feeling that she had towards him to the point that she was willing to give everything to him even if he might be deceiving her?