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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 261: Do You Still Like Him?

Tina chuckled and said, “Try again guys. Maybe we’ll figure out a solution. By the way, Mr. Forager said he will present the attire to the person who manages to solve this problem. ” “Really?” Everyone was shocked as if it was a reward of five million. Every cloth designed by Mr. Forager was wonderful and rare. The garments he displayed were all tailed by himself and every detail was perfect. As his designs were all unique, they were extremely valuable. Generally, Mr. Forager would personally collect the first garment of every design. Out of some reasons, he would display one or two of them, but in the end, they were all collected by some persons. Ordinary people would not have the honor to take a glance of his deigns, not to mention collecting them. Now, if they could solve this problem, Mr. Forager would present them this garment to the person who came up with the solution. They even didn’t dare to imagine this in the past. It was an honor, a gift, and more importantly, an invaluable treasure. They got more excited and enthusiastic. Even Florence felt inexplicably excited. If she could collect one of the garments designed by Mr. Forager, she would chuckle even when she was sleeping. But it was really hard to solve this problem. Florence knitted her brows and carefully studied the garment. She racked her brain yet still had no clue. It was like the attempt to find out a flaw of a perfect work. This was basically impossible. “Alas. ” Florence let out a sigh gently and pressed her temples that were throbbing. If such a wonderful garment would be scrapped if the problem couldn’t be solved, Florence thought that she would be regretful for it for the rest of her life. She would still feel distressed when she thought of it in the future. Seeing that Florence was distressed about the problem, Ernest pressed his lips together and whispered in her ear, “You desperately want to solve this problem?” “Of course. ” Florence replied without hesitation. Only when she finished her words did she realize that it was Ernest who asked the question. Moreover, he was so close to her as if he was holding her in his arms. His lips were so close to her ear and his warm breath entered into her auricle. Florence trembled slightly, feeling so flustered that she even forgot to study the garment

But Ernest suddenly stepped forward and he soon became the focus of others’ attentions. They looked at him in astonishment and many of them subconsciously wanted to censure him. However, no one dared to say something abusive to him due to his noble and cold aura

. “Mister, what do you want to do?” Ernest ignored them and walked directly to the clothing mannequin. He stopped when he was half a step away from the mannequin and reached out his hand to touch the collar of the garment. The people present were all nervous and held their breaths. None of them dared to touch Mr. Forager’s design, although such a thought had popped into their mind for numerous times. Florence gazed at Ernest in astonishment, her heart beating wildly due to nervousness. What did he want to do? Could he really solve the problem of this garment?A number of questions occupied Florence’s mind. She fixed her eyes on Ernest and was looking forward to his answer. Comparing to other people’s nervousness and anxiety, Ernest appeared to be composed although he was now doing something that made everyone present nervous. Ernest looked at the garment in front of him calmly. Even if this garment was beautiful, it was only an artic work in his eyes. The reason why he displayed it was because Florence liked it. And Ernest wanted to please her. Ernest pressed his thin lips together and used great force to tear apart the collar. The tearing sound of the cloth sounded like a thunder. Everyone present went crazy in an instant. They didn’t believe that Ernest would do such a thing!It was a top-class garment designed by Mr. Forager, but Ernest casually tore it apart! It was not simply a behavior of vandalism, it was an unforgivable crime!Everyone got angry and wanted to scold him. But when noticing his nobleness, no one dare to day something. To curse Ernest Hawkins? They didn’t have the guts. Tina, who had been an onlooker as well as an organizer, hadn’t expected that Ernest would suddenly have such a bold action. She couldn’t maintain the dignifying expressions on her face any longer and furrowed her brows tightly. Various thought flashed across her mind in an instant. This top-class design was damaged, which would be deemed as a dereliction of duty and she would suffer the horrifying consequences. Even her career would be ruined because of this. Tina’s temples throbbed wildly. She tried hard to suppress her panic and asked, “Mr. Hawkins, what did you mean?”Ernest didn’t spare a glance at her and casually threw away the cloth that he tore from the garment just now. Ignoring others’ gazes, he turned around and walked directly to Florence. He then fixed his eyes on her and curled his lips into a doting smile, “Do you like it?”He was still unconcerned after ruining Mr. Forager’s top-class design. And he even asked whether Florence liked it or not? Everyone was infuriated. This was a great humiliation to the design community