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My One-month Marriage With Mr. Hawkins

Chapter 393: Do You Trust Me

Ernest’s eyes became cold and deep. Quickly he sorted everything out. It turned out that after he had set off, his good grandfather had done such a thing - he had sent Benjamin over and made the Fraser family misunderstand and disgust him again by the excuse that he was competing for the master of the Turner family. In that case, it would be far more difficult for Ernest to marry Florence than Benjamin could. Ignoring Stanford’s look with anger and hatred, Ernest turned around and looked at Florence deeply. He asked in a low and serious voice, “I didn’t know anything about the master. I didn’t come here for the right of succession. Do you trust me?” Ernest’s eyes were so deep as a whirlpool as if he wanted to draw Florence in. His eyes were telling her that she was the only woman in his heart, which made her mind in a mess. In an instant, all her defense broke up. She approached him and said, “I. ” Before Florence could answer, a big hand suddenly was reached out and pulled her away forcibly, making her unable to resist at all. Stanford stood in front of Florence, separating the love birds like a huge mountain. He said harshly and aggressively, “Flory wouldn’t believe in your sweet talk anymore. I won’t give you any chance to deceive her again! “You are not welcomed here. Please leave here right now!” Ernest stood upright and motionlessly. His gaze bypassed Stanford and fell on Florence. “I’ll prove this matter to you. Please trust me. ” His words were firm and he looked quite persistent as if he only cared whether Florence trusted him or not. He didn’t care what others thought about him at all. Florence’s heart hammered. Facing Ernest with such a look, how could she have the heart to distrust him? “Stanford, this thing hasn’t been investigated yet. There must be some misunderstandings. We. ” “No misunderstandings!” Stanford interrupted Florence’s words in a domineering manner. He creased his brows deeply, looking at Ernest in a disgusted and defending way. They hadn’t reunited for a long time, but Florence was defending Ernest. Stanford realized that he couldn’t let them continue staying alone. Otherwise, he was afraid that Flory would be deceived again. “Come back with me!” Stanford pulled Florence's hand, striding downstairs of the tower. Florence couldn’t break free from his grip and her resistance meant nothing to him. She could only be dragged by him. “Stanford, what are you doing?” In a panic, Florence couldn’t struggle free. She looked back, only to find the Ernest frowned deeply. Before she could talk to him again, her brother had already dragged her away. Ernest didn’t chase after them immediately. Standing motionlessly, he gazed in the direction where Florence left deeply

However, Florence hadn’t known this matter yet. In case she got to know it, based on her love for Ernest, Stanford was so sure that she would insist on marrying Ernest without caring about anything else. He couldn’t bear that his younger sister being used in this way

. “Our family background was quite magnificent. The marriage for convenience could enlarge his interests,” Stanford made an excuse at random. The reason made sense. However, noticing Stanford’s awkward look, Florence sensed that he seemed to be hiding something from her. She looked at him up and down. “Stanford, I’m afraid you haven’t told me the truth, have you?”Stanford was shocked. Much to his surprise, Florence was so smart that she could sense it. However, he wouldn’t admit it for sure. “How could I lie to you? I’m doing things for your own good, Flory. ”Stanford pressed Florence’s shoulders and let her sit down on the chair, on which she usually drew. “Stay in your room and continue with your design drafts. ”After finishing his words, he strode out. He felt a sense of guilt after lying to his sister, quite uneasy now. How could Florence have the mood to draw? Following him, she stood up and strode out. However, she reached the door, she heard the lick from locking the door. She was so anxious and she rushed over, pounding at her door. “Stanford, why did you lock the door? Open it! I want to go out!”“Stay in your room obediently. I’ll open the door for you later. ”After finishing his words overbearingly, Stanford walked away. Florence was so anxious that she blushed. Later? Then Ernest wouldn’t be in the villa by then. Even if she went out, she wouldn’t be able to see him again. She still had a lot of words to tell Ernest. “Stanford, you can’t do this to me! Let me out! Let me out!” Florence cried out while pounding at the door. However, after she yelled until her throat dried, nobody unlocked her door. She was locked up by her brother. Florence was so angry and irritated. All the people in the Fraser family had misunderstood Ernest. She was afraid that they would make trouble for him. She was more afraid that once he had left, she wouldn’t be able to find him after going out of her room. What should she do? She kept wondering. Time passed by. Florence was so anxious that she scratched her hair